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Meet the Face Behind the Posts

Hello! Hello! I'm Natasha Davis! I'm so excited that you've found 1 of my little corners of the interwebs. 


I'm a dog mom, aunt, bookworm, music junkie, narcissistic abuse survivor, corporate drop out, business mentor, network marketing leader, skincare enthusiast, and makeup lover. Just to name a few!

I've always had a passion for makeup since I was 10. My passion for skincare developed later in life at 37. Pair those passions with a need for more in life is what lead me into the network marketing industry. Learning all the different skills from being in the industry lead me to my passion of blogging. So, here I am! 

I hope my blog articles, along with my YouTube videos and all my social media content help boost your confidence, nurture self-love, and help you radiate your unique, ageless beauty.

- xoxo

Natasha Davis

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