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A creative blog & business for the millennial woman who's building her brand and become who she is meant to be


I’m natashA,

a creative consultant for purpose driven millennial women who are ready to take their passion and find their purpose through serving others.

I began building my personal brand in 2013, as a natural hair blogger/vlogger, helping black women learn to care for and embrace their natural hair. And within the 3 years of building that blog, I had changed the lives of not only my family and friends, but black women in general. It was at this time I realized I had a higher calling that involved transforming the lives of women around me.

In 2016, I launched my brand, Becoming Natasha and focused on creating content that was not only insight, but impactful and transformational.

I believe in making an impact and stepping into your purpose by serving people through your talents and gifts. And there are gifts that you have, a passion that exists in you, and I’m here to help you use content to sell your story and transform the lives of your audience.



I’m on a mission to help women tell their storieS 

I believe we were all put here to make an impact and live out our purpose by serving others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, blogger, photographer, designer, stylist, mentor, or speaker. It’s your calling to take what you love to do and create a resource that people can benefit from.

 It’s this reason alone that I’ve created a 6-week program called Build With Purpose, helping creative women, like bloggers, influencers, writers, designers, just to name a few, to start and build impactful brands step by step, that tells a story, teaches, and transforms.


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CreateHer is an audio series for millennial women who desire to create a life she wants, becoming the woman she’s meant to be. Each Tuesday, a new episode is posted via the Becoming Natasha Facebook page.