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A creative blog & business for the millennial woman who's building her brand and become who she is meant to be

build with purpose

it’s time to start operating with a sense of purpose



Build With Purpose

is a 6-week coaching experience designed to help creative women gain the clarity and confidence they need to commit to making an impact doing what they are called to do.

Building a purposeful brand isn’t as difficult as you think and Build With Purpose provides you with a simple blueprint, including strategies to help you stand out and make your mark.

The program is ideal for women who:

  • Needs clarity in their brand messaging

  • Is ready to identify their niche and target audience

  • Wants to create impactful content

  • Wants to be seen as a resource for what they know and can provide

  • Ready to offer more and make a bigger impact

  • Want accountability and support in making things happen

  • Want to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be

  • Desires purpose coaching to help them overcome mindset challenges

  • Needs simple strategies instead of complicated steps

This program helps creative women find more structure, clarity, focus, and confidence in building their personal brands, so they can focus on doing what they were called to do.

By the end of this program, you’ll be:

  • more clear on who you are and who you serve

  • more confident in how you’re showing up with what you have to offer

  • more committed to transforming lives and building a purposeful brand


The 6-week coaching program includes:


6 X 90 minute brand strategy sessions


6 X 30 minute private 1:1 sessions via zoom


Video calls via Zoom + Notes from calls


Folder of coaching content + resources


Email access to me throughout program




beta price: $347*

Only 5 spots available

*Program is originally $947



Program Overview

Mindset & Messaging

In the first session we’ll identify any mindset road block preventing your from making your mark and standing out. We’ll also get clear on the message that you are marketing and aligning with your purpose

Target Market

After gaining clarity in your message, we’ll then follow a simple framework to figure out who you are meant to serve in your blog or creative business

Positioning Yourself

How do you stand out to the right people? In this section we’re talking about offers & what resource (product or service) you’ll create to serve your audience with.

Establishing Your Presence

Your presence is needed consistently, so in this session we’ll discuss content and how you’re communicating, engaging, and building a relationship with your audience.

Processes & Productivity

We’ll spend time setting up specific processes so that you can increase your productivity and expand your impact organically.

New Brand Celebration

It’s time to let people know what you’ve been working on! We’ll end of our time together with brainstorming ways to build hype around your new brand.

beta price of $347*

only 5 spots available

*Program originally costs $947



Hey, I’m Natasha! Your Coach

For the longest, I was operating out of desperation and that meant I was focusing on the wrong things to move my brand forward. It took enough trial and error for me to understand that building a brand is one thing, but building one of purpose is another. So, I’m here to help you be more intentional in how you operate and organically grow your blog or creative business.


How to get started?



Enroll & secure 1 of 5 coaching spots


Access your personal Google Drive folder within 48 hrs


starting September 23rd we’ll meet weekly for live coaching calls



Join Build With Purpose

Investment: $347 (beta price)

Only 5 spots available | Enrollment closes September 19th



01 / When does the program start?

Program begins Monday, September 23rd at 7 PM EST

02 / Do I need a blog or business started already?

You will need to have been blogging or building your business for at least a year in order

03 / What if I don’t find the program helpful?

If you’re unsatisfied by the program after 15 days, you will receive a 50% deposit.

04 / What if I have questions?

Schedule a free 30-minute call with before September 16th, 2019 and I’ll answer any questions