• You have too many ideas in your mind and don't know which one to pursue
  • Information overload is keeping you stuck and you just want to know the next step to take in your life/business
  • You've struggled answering the question, "what do you do?" and you're ready to make sense of who you are and feel confident in what it is you actually do

You're ready:

  • To spend more time making your impact than researching how to
  • To jumpstart your personal brand & market yourself
  • To finally get clear on that idea


What does the call include?

  • Discovery call + Pre-session questionnaire

Before we have the clarity call, you'll chat with me for FREE for 30 minutes on a discovery call. You'll be sent a brief questionnaire to help highlight your specific challenge or area struggle. This particular information will help us maximize our time together.

  • 60-minute call via Zoom

Zoom is a video app that allows us to connect with and host your call together. If you're uncomfortable with video calling, it has the option for us to talk without sharing screens. To have our call, you'll log-in through your Zoom link. If you've never used Zoom before you may have to the download it, it's free.

  • Replay of call

After having our call you'll be sent a recording of it to reference to whenever you want. This call will include a recap of notes taken during the call, so don't worry if you didn't write down anything.

  • Action Plan

Our 60-minutes doesn't just end with, "it was a pleasure working with you". After the call you'll have an action plan of steps to take to implement all that we discussed.

Investment: $147



the process is simple:

Step 1

Book "FREE" discovery call

Step 2

Submit Questionnaire

Step 3

Have Clarity call!