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A creative blog & business for the millennial woman who's building her brand and become who she is meant to be


ready to stop playing small and start creating impactful content

and offering more in their blog or business


you have more to offer in your blog or business…

and it’s time that you do!


As a creative woman, you’re called to make an impact through your skills, talents, and the knowledge that you have. You already know that you have something to offer, you’re stuck in trying to make that happen, believing you just have to create one more blog post, make sure you go LIVE every Tuesday, or wait until you finally get your personal life together so you can focus on your creative business.

Knowing this, you’re here because:

  • You’re unclear on WHO you are serving

What you do was created for someone else, not you. Yes, you’re behind its operation, but you are building your brand to establish a readership, customer base, clientele, etc. So it’s time to get clear on WHO those people are.

  • You’re unclear on what you offer

What are you ultimately offering in your blog or business? Blog posts or videos are content types. What are you helping people achieve? What are you teaching? Promising? Let’s take the time to develop your offer.

  • You’re unclear on how to create impactful content

The difference between creating anything vs creating impactful content is that your content should be resourceful to your audience. It’s time to get serious in how you market yourself and your brand.




(1) Pre-Session Questionnaire

(1) 2-HR SESSION via zoom video chat

replay of call (including notes)

Access to (1) Becoming Natasha PDF Resource

Your Investment: $347