#1 Thing You're Lacking In Your Blog or Business


When I first started my blog, I used to be focus on the “process”. I kept hearing other bloggers with more experience communicate having a process. So, I placed more of my attention on the process and HOW I was doing things, but a big challenge for me was getting stuck on the HOW part.

It took me a while to realize that I was stuck not on the HOW part, but the WHY part to what I was doing with my blog. I wasn’t sure WHY I was doing the things I was doing because I had no purpose behind it.

I wasn’t clear on my purpose for even starting my blog, let alone create content for it. I have a strong feeling that you’re going through the same thing.

#1 thing lacking in your blog or business isn’t process, it’s purpose. Here’s why:

When you think of purpose you think of an aim, justification, intended thing to do. If you’re not sure on what you’re aiming to do with the content you create, the podcast episodes you record, the words that you write, the products that you’re trying to create, you can’t be confident on the process of marketing what you’ve just created.

When you have purpose, you have:

  1. more confidence in what you’re doing

  2. direction on what to do

  3. a stronger message to market

So how do you add more purpose into your blog or business?

You need to focus on these 3 things: clarify, identify, and capture


Your purpose requires clarity, and you need to ask yourself two questions: What is my why and my what?

Your why should drive you in your blog or business. Your why is the reason for the existence of your blog or business. Once you get clear on WHY you have created and/or building that blog or business you will have the clarity you need to market your blog or business.

In addition to your why, you need to clarify your WHAT. Different from you why, your what is the result, outcome, or goal you are attempting to accomplish now that your blog or business exists.


After clarity, comes identity. Your next major step is to identify who your target market it. This part most people, including myself, have gotten tripped up because I would be vague in who my target market is. I used to believe that I had to specify things like, income, occupation, individual interest, etc. These things kept me stuck and questioning who my audience was because I couldn’t find someone that fit that profile.

So, my advice to you is to actually do the research and determine the experience level of your audience. Your target market may fall in 1-2 of these areas: clarity, strategy, and growth.

You’re either educating and providing support for clarity OR

You’re helping your audience create a strategy aka process OR

You’re attempting to help your audience build growth and see consistent results in what they do.

Here’s a secret, most of your audience is within the 1-2 stages


The final step within this process of adding “purpose” to your blog or business is figuring out how you’re going to capture your audience or target market. If you’re going to stand out and make your mark, you have to make sure that you have a system or process in place on how you’re going to keep your brand in front of everyone. Ask yourself:

  1. What am I offering or promising through my blog or business?

  2. What does it look like for me to show up and make my mark?

  3. What is steps do I need to take to consistently do what I’m doing?

  4. What ways will I continue to stay in front of my target market?

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