12 Blogs To Follow For Life + Business Inspiration


As a blogger and writer, it's only right that I'm up to date on some of the most popular blogs out on the internet. It's hard to stay updated with so many blogs, so I use the Bloglovin app. This app is a lifesaver in helping not only stay with the blogs I follow, but also find new blogs to read. Bloglovin is a one-time app for any blog from whatever niche or category. Just simply search the name of the blog and if they have a profile you are able to see when they publish a new post without having to stalk their website. Today, I'm sharing with you the majority of blogs and websites that I follow regularly:


The go-to resource for online business or business in general. Regina Anaejionu has had some many jobs over the past decade, but she is currently focusing on her byRegina.com website, a website for those looking to market their knowledge as what she calls being an infopreneur. For anyone looking to not only just start a blog/website but build a brand and ultimately profit from what they have to offer, I definitely suggest starting with byRegina.com.

Mattie James

Formerly, Mattieologie, Mattie James started as a style blog for black millennial women stylists looking to stay updated with fashion trends, but also learn how to work with brands and grow their own online presence. However, Mattie has redirected her content to focus more on lifestyle. Mattie offers a range of courses and manuals to help bloggers learn how to leverage their brands by pitching to large, known brands, how to promote on social media, create and build valuable content, and make a living being themselves.

Grit & Virtue

Grit & Virtue is a blog I read at least once a week. Given the minimal layout and design, it helps me slow down to actually read through its blog post. Given that I’m a writer and content creator and coach, I'm used to reading fast and skimming through articles and posts, just to get the gist of what it is referring to. But with Grit & Virtue, I can actually read entire blog posts, save them, come back to them when I need to. The purpose behind Grit and Virtue is to showcase women striving to be their best self, walking in their faith, with determination to become who they are to be.

Myliek Teele

The MyTaughtYou podcast is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to regularly. Myleik is the founder of one of the first natural hair subscription service, CurlBox. Myliek is honest about her journey to entrepreneurship and the many obstacles she had to overcome too. Her MyTaughtYou podcast features her insight of the fashion industry due to her previous work experience as a PR working with celebrities regularly. Myliek also highlights multicultural women and the impact on their respected industries and fields.


The sister of Mattie James and brand strategist, Maya made it her mission to not only design website for clients, but provide them with clarity and strategy on building and leveraging their brand. Maya started designed while in college, making party flyers for local entertainment groups. From there she knew she had mastered a skill and capitalize on it by starting BRNDWCH, LLC, her very own brand, and design company. Since starting the company, Maya has transitioned into coaching.


Morgan DeBuam founded Blavity, a tech company for Black millennials making an impact in the digital world. 21 Ninety is the sister site for multicultural women to share their stories and highlight the everyday millennial woman. 21 ninety focuses on delivery content on habits, health, food, hair, and beauty.


Cardi B’s educated other half as she likes to call herself. I’ve recently started following Emmelie and learning how to improve my branding and marketing skills. She’s honest and to the point about what she knows when it comes to marketing yourself and your brand and making a profit from what it is you know. Emmelie is all about the ROI with whatever you create, market, or promote: is it building your following, is it making you money, is it leveraging your brand?

The Alisha Nicole

I grew to like Alisha Nicole, but once I got into her content I grew to love her. She comes off as very shy and introverted, but she knows a great deal about online business. As an owner of an online jewelry shop, Alisha can teach you a thing or two about making a profit. She humble recalls her first failed business and since then has strived to educate others on how they can learn from her mistakes. Alisha has also transitioned to coaching other bloggers and business owners.

Think and Grow Chick

Courtney found herself doing what others expected of her, going to school and majoring in something her parents wanted her to major in, getting a job in an industry she wasn’t happy in, etc. It was until she found herself in thousands of dollars in school debt and working somewhere she hated that she decided to do for her. She then turned her life around and out of debt. In the midst of this, she created Think and Grow Chick, which was inspired by the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Courtney now serves a life and business coach for entrepreneurial driven women.

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa started her blog as The Nectar Collective, now called Melissa Griffin, after spending almost 2 years overseas teaching English to Japanese students, she realized that she had passion design. With just the money she received for teaching she invested in herself by creating her platform, mastering social media channels such as Pinterest, and helping other bloggers and online creatives master their field or industry.

Creative Smart Girl

Nia started the Creative Smart Girl movement five years before it actually took off, 5 years! Due to the amount of noise online, Nia felt like giving up on building her online presence, but that confession led her to where she is now. What started out as a blog post, turned in a twitter chat and a platform for creative, smart, and talented women looking to build their brand and online presence.

Kayla Hollatz

Kayla helps creative entrepreneurs build their brands and business through good copywriting and content creation. Marketing yourself and what you do can be hard when you don’t know what to say. I took Kayla’s branding quiz and 7-day copywriting course, COPY CPR to help me improve my copy for my blog as well as social media.