13 Self Care Habits You Should Try This Weekend

Self Care Habits To Focus On

Self-care is one of the most important things you need to worry about. I personally suck at managing my self care, but I'mm challenging myself to actually take the time out to care for myself better.

Knowing what to focus on when it comes to your self care depends on your daily well-being needs. For some, self care means putting their phone down for 30 minutes - 1 hour each day, listening to relaxing music at the end of the day or even in the morning to start their day. Whatever you're needs are, make a list and try to focus on meeting them.

But if you're having a hard time figure out what to focus here are 13 self care habits you can focus on:

Drink water

Water is the most healthiest drink on this planet. It helps break down food in your system better, it doesn't add on any calories, and makes your skin healthier. Why not drink more of it?

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can't expect to be productive on an empty stomach. We can get really busy and some days we find ourselves not eating anything at all, but breakfast can help set your mood for the day. 

Go to bed earlier

We hear it all the time: make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep to feel better, but that's not always the case. So instead of trying to sleep longer, try going to bed earlier. Lately, I've been going to sleep around 9PM, which helps me get up earlier, especially on the weekends; which is the time that I use to work on my blog.


Writing is so essential to your self-care. You don't have to be great at it, but taking just 5-10 minutes out of your day to write down your thoughts helps you in so many ways. You decrease stress, you clear your mind of any negative thoughts; it's like pressing the reset button on your life, daily.


Similar to writing in your journal, take the time out of your morning to just think. Clear your mind and heart from anything negative, self-inflicting, stressful, etc. Take all the time you need to recenter yourself.


I'm challenging myself to reading 12 books this year. Reading is obviously fundamental, but the more you read the more you can learn about going after your goals and living a better life.

Set daily goals

We all set goals, but setting daily goals gives each day a purpose. Your goals don't have to be huge. You can set a goal of going to bed earlier than the night before, whatever the goal, it gives you a target to reach and reason to get through the day.


Affirmations may seem like quotes or phrases but they can change your entire day in a matter of minutes. When you take the time to saying positive phrases over and over again, little by little your attitude starts to change. 


Your health and wellness is obviously important; which means that you need to make it a priority. Take the time to exercise even if it's for 30 minutes. The more you do, the better your body feels and the better you will feel.

Organize Your Space

Your space says a lot about you. The more cluttered it is, the more clutter your life appears. Spend a day cleaning out your space, throwing away things that you don't use or need, getting rid of clothes you can't wear, recycling things finding a way to reuse them. As you organize your space you realize that other areas in your life will start to reorganize themselves too. 

Take breaks throughout the day

For some reason we live life under the impression that we always have to hustle and keep moving, and if we stop we're missing out on opportunities. But we need to take breaks and rest our bodies and minds to help us regroup. Life isn't about consistently moving, it's also knowing when it's time to rest.

Have power hours

Power hours may sound like something new, but it's just another way of saying being productive. Try taking one hour and dedicating it to doing one thing: write, read, exercise, etc, without any distractions.

Get Outside More

I love being outside especially during the spring/summer. This past summer, I spent a few days biking and walking trails with my fiance. The more we went outside, the more we were able to clear our minds and just get fresh air. 

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