12 Things I'm Doing To Get Ready For The New Year

It's no secret that the countdown for 2018 is getting closer. Right now, we have only 16 days left in 2017 and most people are doing one thing for sure: waiting until the next year to start "planning" and "doing" and "trying". I realize that each year I would wait until the damn near end of the year to start planning for the new year, but quickly realized that when the new year actually comes, I'm not prepared for it. So, this year, I'm doing 12 things to get ready for a new year:

12 Things Getting Ready For New Year BN


It’s easy to get caught up in the season of giving and focus more on other than yourself. This year this focus is more on me than anyone else. Although it is a season of giving, you cannot keep yourself out of the picture. You are a priority. Focusing on you isn’t selfish, it’s the only way to actually give more to others. It’s Iyanla Vanzant once stated what’s in my cup is for me, what comes out or overflows is for you. This year my cup may run over as long as what’s in it remains just for me.

How do you make yourself a priority?

  1. Set boundaries and not just for yourself but for other people.
  2. Learn to say no.
  3. Learn to say yes to things that help your personal development

What can people do and not do during this season? What are you willing to give and how much are you willing to give out? Don’t be afraid to hold more yourself. You can only give up so much of yourself until you are left bone dry and nobody willing to give back to you.


It’s usually around this time of their that people get fickle. Some people want you to get the most expensive item on their list and will stop at nothing until they get it. Others may disappear at the thought that they may have to get someone a gift.

Most of us are in situationships and don’t even know it. A situationship is a supposed relationship yet one or more people are only around depending on the situation or circumstance. That friend that is only around when you seem to have money. Or that friend that ask for more favors from you because she knows you’ll say yes. That is not a relationship but a situationship. You have to figure out the difference.

How to evaluate your relationships:

  1. Ask yourself are the people you call friends OR those close to you motivating and encouraging you to be your best self?
  2. Who happens to be around you for their self-interest and benefit?
  3. Is the relationship genuine or based on particular situations and circumstances?

Season of Life

There are four seasons within a year, but your life consists are different levels and chapters. Everyone lives their life through phases and they can be considered as seasons of life. To determine yours figure out what you want to accomplish within the next 90 days. For me, I want to produce an income of at least 1,000$ from Becoming Natasha through my coaching service and my book. Initially, my season is a season of intent because in order to make that happen I have to be intentional about gaining clients and selling my journals and books

How to figure out what season you're in:

  1. What do I want to accomplish in the next 90 days?
  2. What does that goal require of me?

Figure Out My Investment

In 2018, I'll be making major investments. One of those investments is hiring a coach. I realized that I've done all that I can to get where I am now, but to get where I want to be, I need the help and support of someone with much more experience to help me leverage my brand and business. You can only invest in yourself two ways: time or money. If you don't the time, you better have the money and vice versa.

How to figure out your major life investments

  1. What happens to be my ultimate life vision?
  2. What smaller steps do I need to take to make that vision a reality?

Make meaningful goals

Meaningful goals aren't necessarily smart goals. It's not all about being specific and measurable and action. It's also about having a greater purpose for what you are doing. Why is this goal important? Why are you striving to make it happen in your life right now? Meaningful goals are goals with a purpose and deeper meaning behind being measurable. Meaningful goals are goals that are a part of your overall life vision. They enhance your personal life experience and get you closer to living the life you want to live.

How to make meaningful goals?

  1. Is this goal actionable, meaning does it require a set of steps to complete?
  2. Is it measurable, meaning can I track my progress toward these goals?
  3. It is layered based on what it's important in my life right now?

Establish Better Daily Habits

Habits are what keep you going. Habits eventually become your daily routine. Your life becomes encoded in the habits you make on a daily basis. The last few weeks of 2017 will be spent establishing better habits. It's no point to wait until 2018 to create the change that I want to see. Habits are formed overnight though. It will take me a decent 21 days to form different habits, but a solid 90 days to see change happen from those habits.

How to set better habits?

  1. Highlight one habit you want to change
  2. Get to the source of the habit
  3. Create your action plan for change

Outline How To Run My Business

Becoming a mom has really challenged how I run my business, but the reality is I never had a real system put in place for my entire business. I have a system for writing blog posts and somewhat of a schedule for social media, but again, nothing concrete that can help me be super consistent in what I do. So before 2018 officially gets here I'll be mapping out how I run my coaching service, how I host my podcast, how I create a blog post, and even social media content creation and scheduling. I want 2018 to be the year that my business and blog skyrockets in engagement, followers, and customers.

How I am planning to run my business

  1. Create stronger processes or systems for creating content
  2. Establish better marketing and promotional strategy
  3. Produce more engaging content, ie - video
  4. Offer more packaged services and products, ie - courses, coaching packages, and physical products
  5. Creating monthly-quarterly reports my business finances

Create a self-care routine

Self-care has to be one of the most vital things in your daily routine. Unfortunately, I haven't taken my self-care as serious as I need to, and with having a baby and still managing my household, it's easy to forget about myself. Self-care is your answer to having not only the energy but the endurance to keep going and making things happen. Without a reboot, it's easy to fall under the pressure of your everyday responsibilities and demands. 2018 will be my year of self-care and focus on filling up my cup.

How I'm managing my self-care in 2018?

  1. Start with limiting the number of things I do on a daily-weekly basis
  2. Establish days geared to focusing on me time or family time
  3. Say no to things that take up too much of my time and aren't worth my time

Evaluating my finances

Finances are one of those things that most people don't want to discuss or deal with because of the reality that their financial situation isn't the best. I can honestly say that I spend too much money and a majority of it goes to ordering out, literally. I know this is hindering and holding me back from doing more things with my Monday, but I love food. However, there is a difference between eating to live and living to eat. I feel that I'm living to eat. In addition to food, I am the type of person that spends little by little until I have nothing to left to spend. This is not a good habit to have and if I want to do more with my money and more for my business, I really have to evaluate how I'm spending.

How I plan to manage my finances

  1. Attend a financial workshop to get started
  2. Set up a family budget in addition to my business
  3. Set a realistic savings goal and continuously put aside 5%-10% of each individual income stream

Create my 2018 Reading List

I had a goal of reading 12 books this year, yet, that never happened. So for 2018, I have a goal of reading one book a month. Since having the baby, I'm been struggling to manage to do even the smallest things like reading. So 2018 will be that year that I do both consistently. My reading list includes, "I'm Judging You" by Luvvie Ajayi, "You Are A Badass" + " You Are A Badass At Making Money" by Jen Sincero, and "We're Going To Need More Wine" by Gabrielle Union.

Set My 5 Year Plan

When my fiance and I graduated from college in 2015 we created a 5-year plan to move to a city and state we want to start our family in. That 5 year plan included having a baby, moving, and taking family trips. Right now, we're super close to making our first and hopefully final move to where we want to be. However, since we're a little over halfway through our life plan, it's time to start thinking about what will take place after these 5 years are over.

How I'm mapping out my 5 years?

  1. Where do I see myself and my family within 5 years?
  2. How will I be making a living in 5 years?
  3. What will be my ultimate memory of myself/family within 5 years?
  4. What will I still want to accomplish within 5 years?


The end of the year can call for a lot of activity: buying gifts, cleaning, decorating, and even planning. It can be overwhelming at times, but the best thing you can do or anyone for that matter is to rest. This Christmas season, I'll be sure to rest as much as I can to get ready for the most proactive, consistent, and purposeful 2018.

What are you doing to get ready for the new year?