The Realest Advice I've Ever Received So Far In My Life

The Realest Advice Ever Received

My Dad, GOD rest his soul, would tell me, my sisters and my brother this particular quote or phrase all the time. Some times he would jokingly say it, but other times he made sure we understood what it meant because unless you are literally physically bound to your bed, there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals and bringing out your full potential. My Dad always told us:

Excuses are tools used by the incompetent and those who practice them will succeed at nothing.

It's obvious that he wasn't the first to ever say it, but having it said over and over allowed me to realize something. 

Regardless if you're idea of success is to lose weight OR to gain money, you can't succeed in making that happen if you don't make the necessary changes in your life. Your goals need consistency and commitment and the only way to make that happen is to accept change and make the necessary change. If you really want to lose weight or get into shape then you will need to make the necessary changes, plain and simple. You can't keep eating fast food, but expect to lose inches. You cancel out on your goals when you do the one thing that goes against what you are trying to accomplish. So, in order for you to succeed you have to make some type of change, but remember that change is required, not recommended.

You can look at anybody that is successful and you will see how they have changed overtime. Not that they have a higher status or more money, but they've changed because they knew they had to in order to get where they are now. As much as people want to say that those who "made it" change, well of course they did, but the change didn't happen once they became famous or known, the change happened prior, which is how they got where they wanted to be. What are you willing to change or commit to, to get where you want to be?

You can't get far if you always take the easy way out or the less complicated way. Most things, especially your goals, require the most complicated, dangerous (risky), confusing, and sometimes frustrated path to be achieved. And that's okay. Your goals aren't supposed to be easy because when they are, you don't appreciate them. You can't want something so bad that you will only accomplish it under certain circumstances. If you really want it then you will do any and everything to make it happen.

Most of us want to accomplish our goals when it's the perfect time, the right amount of money to make things happen, everything has to be right. Not to blow out your candles, but there will never be a right or perfect time. The right time or the perfect time is now. The longer you want, the more you will not want to accomplish your goals.

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