GTKY: Creating An Elite Mindset With Amira Warrick

GTKY_ Elite Mindset Amira Warrick.jpg

This episode is one that I have wanted to do for a long time. Since starting the Grow To Know Yourself podcast, I've wanted to highlight more multicultural women who are making a difference, stepping into their purpose, and inspiring others. I plan to continue doing this going into the new year and today's episode is one of many. 

Amira Warrick is a native from Philadelphia, similar to myself. Since meeting her freshmen year of college, we've been friend ever since and I've seen her grow tremendously. She has always been about her health and wellness, specifically her love for track and field. But as much as she is passionate about running, it took her a while to find real success within it.

For so long, Amira has had her mind focused solely on her own self-interest. She wanted to take over the track and field world, set new records, reach a higher potential within herself, but she struggled reaching those plateaus. That is until she learned to be more selfless. Amira talks about creating an elite mindset and allowing herself to be used by GOD, and from doing so she was able to finally reach the success that she was looking for. 

Today's episode is not only a discussion about entrepreneurship, but one of allowing yourself, your talents and your gifts to be used for a greater purpose.