How I Started Becoming Natasha


Becoming Natasha is 3+ years in the making. Long before I started blogging, long before I wanted to start coaching, I knew I wanted something like Becoming Natasha to happen, I just didn’t know how it would happen.

Before I started blogging, I was constantly finding ways to stay on the computer, design things in Photoshop, and just do as many creative things as I can. But, I really never knew that I could use my skills for my own self. Along with designing and creating, writing has been a growing infatuation for me. I decided to major in English when I went to college because I wanted to use my writing to inspire and influence people. But I hit a major roadblock a year before college graduation and I knew I had to make certain hard decisions in my life about my personal growth and what I wanted to do in life.


Early 2013, I found myself living with my fiancé and his family, working low-wage jobs, but I knew I was going to do more with my life and have the career I wanted once I graduated college. That’s the attitude and the approach I had working at these jobs. I gave it my 100% effort, but in reality, I didn’t care to be there and I was always happy when I could make the excuse that I had school, just so I didn’t have to work certain schedules or do certain things pertaining to my jobs.

I spent most of this year reading blogs, being on social media more, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my design and creative skills. My only exposure to blogging was through Tumblr, but I felt that wasn’t something I wanted to continue doing, giving the amount of time needed to constantly update my “page”. Plus, Tumblr didn’t allow me the customization that I was actually looking for. It was also around this time that a friend of mine started her own natural hair blog and it validated my reason to start my own. So I deleted my Tumblr account and did all the research that I did to start my blog and grow it.  


I officially launched NYKseries, my first ever blog. After hours upon hours of research, I came to the conclusion that you can make money online, that you can actually make a living doing something that didn’t require you to clock in and out at certain times. My research gave me all the information that I needed to start my blog, what platform I need to ultimately be on, how I to target the right people to read my blog, etc. While the research was good information, it also became hindering.

At times, I wouldn’t even know what to do because of all the information I received about the “right” way to blog. I was also copying other bloggers that had years on me. Some of them were blogging for 3-4 years and I had was just getting my feet wet. It doesn’t help that I even waited an entire month to publish my first blog post because I wanted it to go viral. I was chasing after perfection, shortcuts, and even false promises.

In 2014, I had one more year left of college and I was constantly asked one specific question: What do you want to do? I really didn’t have a response, but the more I focused on my blog, the more I was focused on building something from it. I knew I could, so I was determined to make that happen. But it was hard to explain that to people. It was hard to get my fiancé (my boyfriend at the time) to understand, which he did. However, I didn’t understand that what I was doing, what I was building was going to take time. Plus, I couldn’t keep spending money on my blog and not have something come back in return. Til this day it is like this. Currently, I have my coaching service open but have yet to officially book clients, which means, I don’t have money coming in, but I am close to it.


While 2014 was my year of feeling stuck. I was consistently feeling lost and confused, and even more, I really started to feel overwhelmed about not being where I wanted to be, about not having what I thought I needed to get to the next level, about not being happy and feeling content. So 2015 was literally a repeat of 2014, in addition to a few high moments, like graduating from college and getting engaged, literally the next day to my college sweetheart.


Nothing is permanent. That’s is something I’m still learning, but it is something that I’ve experienced during this year. In 2016, I gave myself specific goals to reach before the end of the year. I did something new that I didn’t do years before. I gave myself permission to actually change my life. I focused on 3 areas to work on: personal, physical, and spiritual. Those were the 3 areas I knew would help me stop feeling stuck, lost and confused.

I found out I was pregnant with my first child during the middle of 2016. The news of my pregnancy was kept quiet until the first ultrasound just to make sure that everything with development was okay. My fiance and I surprised both our parents with the news and I can honestly say I'm happy to know that son has met all of his living grandparents and even great-grandparents

As for blogging and entrepreneurship, I decided early in that year to shut down my first blog even though it meant I would start at zero again. NYKSeries was the preamble to Becoming Natasha. It took me some time to realize NYKSeries wasn’t the blog I really wanted to have and that I wanted to do more than promoting beauty and hair. Plus, it was hard fusing together different topics of interests and making them work.

While shutting down my first blog, I decided to start small with my new found growth. I enrolled into a 4 week in person workshop called Grow To Know Yourself, which sparked the idea for my Grow To Know Yourself podcast. The workshop literally broke down the steps needed to figure out who you are and what it is you have to offer.

Along with the workshop, I created the Becoming Natasha blog/brand. It was finally the brand that I knew I wanted to create. I knew what I wanted to discuss, I knew who I wanted to listen to my blog and podcast. Once I got through with my previous chapter, it was as if I knew what I finally wanted and had finally reached the point where I wanted to be.

By the end of 2016, I had established a better daily routine of waking up early around 6 AM and even found a way to be more committed to my goals. It only took me giving myself permission to actually start doing more of what it is I wanted to do. The journey getting there was rough. There were times when I chose my blog over my relationship with my fiance. Times where I focused more on spending on my blog and brand, that wasn't going anywhere, but lacking the courage to make money from what I was doing. There were times that I would be interested more into what I wanted to do and focused less on family, friends, and just my overall self-care. Although I’ve experienced major growth in my life, I was still failing to recognize the basic things in my life.


This year was supposed to be a year in which I maintained my growth from last year, but a lot of things I wanted to have happened, didn’t. One major reason was the birth of my first child. Majority of 2017, I’ve been managing how to balance being a mom, employee, and entrepreneur. It isn’t easy going from being able to do what I wanted to have to make decisions and take action with my son as the focus. On top of being a mom, I’m still a partner and still have to care for and tend to my fiancé. In addition to all of this, I still need me time. Having me time is crucial having the energy to do all of this. But as much as I can that I’m exhausted, I’m proud of my humble beginnings as a blogger and business owner.

As for 2018 and beyond, I plan to take Becoming Natasha off the blog and into the laps of multicultural women looking to step into their purpose and do more with their talents and gifts. I’m looking to do more in-person workshops, conferences, physical products, on top of establishing my coaching service platform.