GKTY: How To Make Time For Your Side-Hustle


Balancing a 9-5 job with a side hustle can be challenging. Your day is a 12-hour shift. You work from 9-5, come home to work 5-9. It's no doubt that more and more people are creating side projects and hustles, whether it be blogs, brands, or businesses. There's seems to be more than just working a 9-5, especially when you have personal goals and dreams.

However, one major issue that anyone faces when it comes to working and creating a side-hustle is time. Time is something that you can't get back and it's something that you have to maximize.

So how do you make time for your day job and your side-hustle? In today's podcast episode, I'm breaking down 3 things you can do to create time for your hustle without jeopardizing your day job and even exhausting yourself out. 

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