How To Figure Out What You're Passionate About


For the entire month of July, I’m breaking down passion and purpose, how it relates to building a personal brand, how it relates to making your impact, and how you can finally start operating with confidence and clarity.

To kick things off, I’m giving you a simple formula to help you figure out what you’re passionate about.

Here’s the truth, majority of you know what you’re passionate about, but the problem that you have is knowing how to manifest that, turn it into something more so you can be recognized for something and make your impact.

I get it because I’ve been there before. Feeling stuck, wondering what my purpose in life was. Right after college, the only question I kept getting from people around me was, “So what are you going to do?” I would respond with I didn’t know, but my insides were screaming, “coach and inspire other people and become who I want to be”!

First, and foremost, you can be passionate about more than one thing. If you have more than one TV show, you can have more than one passion. There are so many things to be passionate about, writing, designing, creating, sports, etc. I love learning new things, skills, techniques, etc. I’m always online and always researching and browsing to learn new things and new people to follow, so I would say, I’m passionate about learning.

So, how do you figure out what you’re passionate about? More specifically, how can you figure out what you’re passionate about and begin to operate in your purpose.

1 - Identify your interests

What do you love or like doing, creating, making, etc? Write down all that comes to mind. If you’re having a hard time, think back to the things that light you up and makes you feel good when you’re doing them. For me, that’s blogging/writing/designing.

2 - Highlight your skills

Here comes the hard part! Most people can pinpoint what they’re bad at and rarely come up with what they do good. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do people come to me about/for?

  2. I tend to be more knowledgeable than those around me in (fill in the blank)

  3. In school, most people would choose me to do (fill in the blank)

3 - Formulate what you’re passionate about

Now that you’ve highlighted your interested and skills (keep in mind they tend to relate to one another), you have finally figure out what you’re passionate about.

Here’s an example:

Interest - Style/fashion trends/beauty/make up

Skills - Designing/Sewing

Passion - Creating/styling clothes for women to help bring out their personalities

Now, that you’ve identified what you’re passionate about, think about how you can express and display your passion online and IRL. What can you create because of this passion? What can you do more of for others through your passion?

Let me know in the comments what you’re passionate about.