5 Ways To Improve Your Blog or Creative Business


Improving your blog or creative business is important, but how do you make it happen? The importance of improving your blog or creative business means you’re focused on longevity and being intentional in what you do. So today, I’m offering 5 simple and actionable ways for you to improve your blog or creative business.

Audit your numbers

Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they do tell a story. What are you numbers? It’s important to track every number from social media followers, to email subscribers, to income, etc. Again, numbers may not tell the whole story but they give you a snapshot of where your brand is and what areas you may need to improve in.

Research your audience

Who are you serving in your creative business? Are you sure you know your audience well enough? Researching your audience is the first step to figuring out 2 things: 1) What value you can provide them, and 2) What you can offer them via a product or service? Take the time to survey your audience and get to know them enough to serve and sell to them.

Create/Redefine your offer

Your offer is what you sell to your audience. Your job is to sell them on the idea, concept, and eventually on making the investment, but are you clear on what it is you offer? If you’re having a hard time, I created VIP coaching days that focus on providing you clarity in what you’re offering and creating content that sells your audience on your offer.

Adjust your processes and systems

What is the process to maintain your blog? What systems do you have in place for your creative business? If you’re operating your creative business without systems in place you’ll feel and be stuck in some many aspects. Systems are established to help you be productive, to help you achieve your goals and to move your brand forward.

Find educational resources

Books, workshops, webinars, articles, and videos are great resources to help you improve your creative business. Business books, personal development workshops, branding webinars, amongst various topics can help you improve your creative business. Tip: In order to not experience information overload, clarify what you are specifically looking for. Then take the time to process and implement what you’ve learned.

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