The 21:90 Principle You Need To Know If You Want To Reach Your Goals

Twenty-One Ninety Principle To Know

Staying on your goals is hard work. It's easy to give up especially when things aren't moving as fast you want them to. What's more difficult is when you have no real idea on where to start on accomplishing your goals. But starting at zero is the best. You have the opportunity to do things right and be committed and consisted. However, it takes learning the 3 stages of goal setting to help you actually accomplish them:

The Honeymoon Stage

In the beginning, we overestimate how much work we really have to put in so we think things will be easy. Our mentality is we don't have to expect much because there isn't much to be done. In the honeymoon stage we have a sense of entitlement as if we deserve the result we are looking for and there is no need to put in the work needed to get there or make things happen.

The "Fighting Through" Stage

Usually when you've started to make a change in your life things go from easy to hard to difficult really quick and because of this we find ourselves questioning whether we can keep going. The "fighting through" stage is the make or break stage. Either we can sink or we will swim. The "fighting through" stage is about getting over the obstacles that test and challenges us to get through.

During this stage, we go through a few things

  1. Lack of recognition
  2. Lack of staying positive
  3. Lack of envisioning 

The Seduction Stage

The last stage of the habit formation is the seduction stage. If you've made it through the fin It's called seduction because you're getting comfortable and attracted even more to the final result of changing your habits or actions, however, it's common especially at this stage to get distracted or interrupted from things that will through you off course.

The type of distractions are:

  1. Discouragement - Believing that things won't fully work out
  2. Disruption - From someone or from an incident that occurs
  3. Seduction of Success - Thinking that you are above the work and don't have to put in 100% that is needed to make things happen

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