28 Days of Affirmations

28 Days of Affirmations

It may not seem so, but repeating phrases of positivity can really change your mood. Even if you don't repeat the phrases out loud, simply saying them to yourself allows you to change your attitude, mood, and outlook in a matter of minutes.

As a millennial woman, I struggle with balancing my 9-5 job with becoming a mother and wife, and even trying to build my lifestyle business, and it gets hard, really hard. At times, I want to throw in the towel and just quit. But I know I can't nor is it worth giving up. So, since February is here, I decided to create 28 days of affirmations that's broken down between being enough, self-acceptance, confidence/self-esteem, and even success.


  1. I am powerful beyond measure
  2. I am more than enough
  3. I was and am created to make a difference
  4. I will never dim my own light for someone else
  5. Who I was yesterday is not who I am today
  6. I am getting stronger, healthier, and courageous each day
  7. I am in charge of my feelings and today I feel ____


  1. My confidence shines brighter than my comparison
  2. I am just a good as anyone else
  3. I am persistent in what I do and will never give up
  4. Optimism is a part of my everyday life and I have faith that things will work out
  5. Giving up now means I will lose all the strength & confidence I've gained along the way
  6. What I'm doing now will help someone later
  7. I am destined to do more each day


  1. I will accept what I can't change
  2. My mistakes are lessons and evidence that I am trying
  3. I may not be living the best version of my life, but I am paving the way to do so
  4. I am where I need to be at this moment in my life
  5. I am not complete, in fact, I'm working on myself each and everyday
  6. I am blessed to have what I have in my life
  7. I can't control all that happens to me, but I can control my response


  1. My breakthrough is close, I can feel it
  2. I will work toward success
  3. My past or present doesn't determine my life's outcome
  4. I am leaving behind others now to help them later in life
  5. I am living a successful life now
  6. I am willing to act against my fear to get where I want to be
  7. My success is not in my rear-view mirror instead it's right in front of me, I will take the first step towards it

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