3 Reasons Why Blogging Should Be Your Next Career Move

3 Reasons Blogging Should Be Your Next Career Move - Becoming Natasha

This post has been updated: March 2018

Prior to 2014, I didn't even know what blogging was. My focus was on my YouTube channel then. I was busy trying to build a platform for black millennial woman helping them learn how to take care and embrace their natural hair. I've spent months and weeks recording YouTube videos, learning how to edit them, but little did I know all the websites I was reading and looking for inspiration were blogs. People were writing about their experience and knowledge in being online and using platforms like YouTube to grow their blog and or business. 

Once I realized that blogs were a thing, I quickly started mine. At this time more people were noticing my natural hair journey and had so many questions for me, I realized started my blog would be a way for me to answer their questions and not make thousands of YouTube videos for every little thing. I did my research and found that some of the better-looking sites were using Wordpress, but I didn't have the funds to pay a monthly fee to "host" my website. I didn't even have money to buy a custom domain (www.yourwebsite.com), but I knew I wanted to start my blog.

So I "googled" and found out that Google had a free platform called Blogger, which still exist. All I had to do was create a profile and customize my site. Google didn't offer the better-looking site templates like Wordpress, so I had to make my site look good. I found out that GoDaddy.com was a site that I could buy my custom domain from and I got it for literally 1.00$ for an entire year.

After all of this, it was time for me to start blogging. And I did. Because of blogging, I've have been able to sell products and services, set myself up a business owner, and build my personal brand and continuously develop Becoming Natasha.

With only 4 years under my belt as a blogger, there are many things I've learned, but I've found out that it's because of blogging that I was introduced to a world that I never knew really existed. Here are 3 reasons why I believe you need to start blogging and make it a possible career move:


If you haven't noticed we don't live in a world that is about "knowing a lot", but rather "knowing a lot of people". The social world we live in is surrounded by apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. More people are known not because of what they know but based on who they know and how they are presented on social media.

Your personal brand sticks out more than what knowledge and experience you may have. If you're someone who can reach a large number of people, you'll be sought after by brands and companies to work with and what comes after that are two things: money and exposure. 

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not around. It's your appearance, your approach, your overall reputation and with your blog, you can constantly develop and build your personal brand. 


Even if you're not the strongest writer, blogging builds your credibility about any topic or interest you know about and have experience in. For me, I transitioned from teaching and writing about natural hair to teaching and writing about how to tell your story, build your personal brand, and reach the right people to make your impact. 

Credibility comes from you putting your values into action. Whatever you value, you should put it into action based on what you share on social media and irl (in real life). Your credibility comes from practicing what you preach and you can highlight and show that through your blog posts.

Your blog is like your marketing tool. It markets any of your expertise, it allows people to build a connection with you through trust and engagement.


We live in a world where people can go from ordinary average Joes to New York Best Sellers in a matter of weeks. Through blogging, you can establish yourself or make yourself marketable to work with brands and/or companies. You can become an entrepreneur from writing and selling books, and most of that can happen online nowadays. You can have your online store on Etsy or Shopify, both are online platforms. The founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, started selling vintage clothing guess where? Online via eBay. Of course, she had to package and ship the items, but her transactions happened online. 

If it isn't already, the knowledge-based experts are being replaced with the social media crazed personalities. It doesn't take years of knowledge to know how to tweet, send a Facebook message or create a status. It doesn't take much knowledge on pressing LIVE on Facebook or Instagram and sharing and promote your blog, book, or business. It's doesn't take much from marketing yourself on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Business opportunities are created almost everyday online and it's a new wave of having a career or job that is attracting more millennials, such as myself.

What's your next career move?