3 Reasons Why Blogging Should Be Your Next Career Move

3 Reasons Blogging Should Be Your Next Career Move - Becoming Natasha

Traditionally, going to college and getting your degree to get a decent job is the ultimate way of making a living; however, it's not that easy. Making a living today isn't the same as it was in 1990. Things have changed completely, and thanks to experiencing a recession, people from counselors to CEOs are rethinking how they bring in income and make a living for themselves. The recession did one thing: made us wake up and realize that our careers are not recession proof,  but even if you somehow was not effected by the recession, it's still best to figure out more than one way to produce income and make a living, and blogging should be one of those ways.

Prior to 2014, I didn't even know what blogging was, but now here in 2016 I'm glad I am apart of the online world. Some many careers and opportunities can come from simply creating a $12 website and buying a domain and domain protection for less than $20. And if you have been following what's happening within the world, most businesses are being creating online rather than as brick and mortars or traditional mom and pop stores. Blogging and/or being online has many benefits that a desk job can never give you, and here are three reasons why:

1. Freedom

Freedom is one of the biggest things sought after when people are applying to jobs and searching a career. Will I have the freedom to spend my time the way I wish? Go on vacation when I choose to? Spend time with my family when I want to? And the ultimate question, will I have weekends to myself? At traditional 9 - 5 jobs, freedom is almost impossible. How much freedom can you get working at a computer screen, sitting in 3 meetings, and only managing to get 10-30% of actual work done? Freedom is hard to come by working at traditional jobs/careers, and you usually have to sacrifice your freedom for the company to stay afloat. 

2. Enjoyment

How many times have you heard people mutter how unhappy they are at their job or in their career. How tired and exhausted they are from coming home from work, but as long as they receive their direct deposit they'll continue to go to work. I have only been out of school for 1-yr now, and I promise to my fiance and myself that I will not fall into that tiresome and exhausting cycle of working at a 9-5. Right now, I'm reading "The 4-Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferris, and he explains it so well and simple that the "slave-save-retire" cycle is asinine. Why should we spend 30 years slaving to make a dollar, save it, and use it for retirement? By the time we'll be able to enjoy that money, we'll damn near be physically incapable to actually enjoy it. 

Blogging is something that I enjoy and I don't have to wait all of my life for the ROI (return of investment). I love being able to get up and open my laptop, not to answer emails all day, but to create content (blog posts, graphics, videos, etc) that people will read and engage with. This post may be directly impacting whoever is reading it and that makes what I do enjoyable and meaningful. I get excited sharing things on social media and having my followers engage in what I do. Most importantly, I don't have to wait 30 years to enjoy my life.

3.  Opportunities

If you're wondering how you can make money from blogging, I'll cover that now. Creating a blog doesn't create income, it's what you create through your blog that does. We live in a world where people can go from ordinary average Joes to New York Best Sellers in a matter of weeks. Through blogging you can establish yourself as an entrepreneur or make yourself marketable to work with brands and/or companies. As for being a business owner, entrepreneurship doesn't mean opening up an actual store in your city or town. You can become an entrepreneur from writing and selling books, and most of that happens online. You can have your online store through Etsy or Shopify, both are online platforms. The founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, started selling vintage clothing guess where? Online via Ebay. Of course she had to package and ship the items, but her transactions happened online. 

If it isn't already, the online world is replacing the traditional 9-5 and brick and mortar. Business owners and entrepreneurs are finding ways to cut back on business expenses and maximize the most profit from being online. It doesn't cost to tweet about your new book and get people to buy it, it doesn't cost money (maybe for buying ad space, but it's not expensive) to market your business on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Business opportunities are created almost everyday online and it's a new wave of having a career or job that is attracting more millennials, such as myself.

What's your next career move?

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