3 Reasons You Need To Have A Blog For Your Creative Business


Blogging is a 2019 thing, 2020 thing, 2021 thing, and then some.

The truth is blogging still holds weight because even with all the short form content that gets published on social media platforms everyday, blogs are still the go to resource for when people want to really know about a certain topic, issue, want to find answers to their questions, or want to be entertained and educated.

So when it comes to your creative business, YOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG! And in today’s post, I’m giving you 3 key benefits to having a blog for your creative business. One of the reasons is that it will actually grow your business more intentionally.

1. Blogging markets your value

You can market your value to your target audience by sharing with them what it is you know and your experience behind what it is that you do. This in turns gives them insight in how you can actually serve them.

You could be a graphic designer that blogs about the importance of hiring a professional designer to create effective website versus DIY.

You can be a natural hair stylist and blog about the science of hair and give tips on styling textured hair.

Regardless of what you do and how you do it, a blog can serve as your tool to teach others, which leads me to my next point.

2. Blogging helps build trust with your target audience

You will come off as more credible and trustworthy to your audience with your blog. Specifically speaking, your blog serves as a classroom for your audience and you are the teacher providing them solutions to their answers, concerns, etc.

You can be a healthy living blogger for women entrepreneurs and provide them with productivity tips and even meal recipes that can boost their productivity and not slow them down.

You can host a business podcast teaching a corporate audience how to leverage their careers, work with coworkers that have different personalities, build their resume, etc.

3. Blogging helps you leverage your brand

Think about the many ways you can flip your blog content into something more. You can easily repurpose your content and even package it to sell it to your audience. Here are a few ways you can leverage your blog content:

  • turn your blog posts into a video series

  • create an email newsletter

  • develop an online course

  • host a challenge

  • conduct a LIVE webinar or masterclass and even sell it

  • launch an e-product for sale or free

There are so many benefits to having a blog for your creative business and if you want to be more intentional in your business, get my free workshop, Impact and Influence, and learn how to create content easily for your audience, click here >> Get the free workshop