3 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Move Forward In Life

We all want to feel like we’re progressing in life. Nobody wants to feel stuck, lost, and confused. However, it’s hard to move forward when you’re constantly comparing your journey to other people. Or, when you’re busy trying to take the shortest route to accomplishing your goals. And, it’s hard to move forward when you’re waiting for the permission to do so. Moving forward, making way for growth, and getting to the next level requires discipline, commitment, and consistency. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible to do. Yet, there are 3 things that you absolutely must stop doing if you want to move forward in your life.

3 Ways To Move Forward In Life

Stop Focusing On Other People’s Process & Progress

Too many times we focus on other people and their progress. The comparison makes us envy and feel jealous, yet, we still never get to where we want to be in life. Focusing on other people’s progress hinders yours in so many ways. You end up wanting to copy what others are doing thinking it will get you closer to your goal, but it doesn’t. What you have going on in your life is different from everyone else. You might have similar experiences, but the outcomes can vary. 

I still struggle with comparing my journey to others. I’m currently pursuing a lifetime career in being a published writer and although I don’t have a finished book yet, I can’t help but look at my Facebook friends who have started their businesses and are making a living from them. Things have gotten better over the years, but at times I would get jealous seeing other people progress while I felt/feel stuck.

It comes to a point where you can’t keep comparing your Chapter 1 to someone’s Chapter 3. Everyone is where they need to be in their lives, and wherever you are right now, you have to figure out what your next chapter is going to be. What does moving to the next level look like for you? Stop thinking that life is a short race because it’s actually a marathon, a very long one.

Stop Wanting To Take Shortcuts

So many of us want to figure out the clearest, easiest, less time-consuming way to reach our goals. Unfortunately, the best things in life take the longest to appear and for good reasons. You respect things that aren’t rushed or put together at the last minute. When it comes to your goals, you need to respect and own the process or journey it takes to complete them. It makes accomplishing them so much more worth it. When you recognize the challenge and adversity, you respect the journey, and when you respect your journey, you embrace the result or outcome.

Stop Waiting For People’s Approval

Lisa Nichols is famous for saying that, “we have to stop asking and start giving notice”, and I wholeheartedly agree. So many times we ask for permission to be great. We do it so much that we don’t even recognize that we’re doing it. Whenever you’re asking someone for permission you’re given them power and control over your goals/dreams. Why give them that power? You’re only going to continuously be stuck because you’re waiting for someone’s okay to go after what you want. Only you can determine what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. 

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