3 Types Of Content You Should Be Creating In Your Business


Content creation is how you communicate and talk with your target audience. When you’re not creating or showing up with useful content, your audience has no idea on what value you can provide them, what role you can be useful to them, nor can they get to know you and what you do, better.

So how do you use content to communicate as a blogger or creativepreneur?

There are 3 specific types of content that when it all comes down to it, most, if not all creatives should be creating.

Creating content doesn’t have to be hard and exhausting, especially when you have clarity in your message and understand who you are serving through your blog or business. The only time this process can be daunting is when you lack clarity and focus.

There are 3 things your content does when you create it for your audience: markets your value, educates your audience on what you do/niche, and builds trust within them.

So, what are the 3 pieces of content that you should be creating for your brand?

Blog posts

Contrary to any beliefs on whether or not people still read blogs or articles, they actually do. Think about it the last time you Google’d something, you more likely was led to someone’s blog or website that had the information that you needed.

Blogs are still viable and useful for your brand. With blog posts, you can go in-depth on information or topics that are related to your brand and truly educate your audience. In fact, they have the ability to share your content on other platforms or save it, like bookmark the page, and come back to the information when they need to.

Blog posts are great content types and a key way to make sure you’re creating “valuable” posts, is to make sure they are evergreen. Evergreen simply means that the information will never be outdated or can only be utilized during a certain time of year.


Another content type that you should be creating in your business is some form of audio or video content. Why? This type of content is not only super easy to create, but it can be consumed by your audience easily. You can audio files, like podcasts, on the go, edit them, upload them, and share them with your audience a lot easier than writing a blog post. Not only that but your audience can easily engage in this form of content. The same applies goes to video content.

Video, at this point, counts for 80% of the content that you see and engage with online. Think about how your social feed is changing instantly to showing more autoplay type of content. Video is becoming the #1 type of content most people want to engage in. If you’re not creating video content, you should be. Video can be anything you’ve taken on your phone and uploaded to your profile. You also have IGTV, YouTube, Facebook LIVE, Instagram LIVE, and other video formats to utilize for your brand.


Finally, emails are another great piece of content you should be creating in your business. When it comes to using emails to communicate with your audience, email is the #1 way to do so effectively. Why? With emails, you don’t have to compete against another profile than trying to gain the attention of your audience. Your emails are delivered directly to someone’s inbox and they receive a separate notification that lets them know someone is communicating with them. Not only that but with emails and email marketing, your audience trust you enough to give you their personal information, email address, to contact them as regularly as you need to. This form of communication should be taken seriously and you should develop a strategy around how often you will email your list, what you will send to your list, and even utilize the opportunity to get to know your list, target audience, even more.

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