4 Simple & Easy Ways To Invest In Yourself


Usually when you say invest in something or someone it involves money. Using your cash to fulfill an interest. But investing doesn’t always involve money. There are two major ways to invest in yourself: time and money. You need a little of both to make things happen, but there are some investments that need more of one than the other. The biggest misconception that a lot of people assume is that you need a lot of money to invest, period. Today, I’m telling you four major ways to invest in yourself that don’t require money at all.

A. Books

Books are truly the best way to invest in yourself. Knowledge is something that can always be acquired and never taken away. You can either read self-help/personal development, business, fiction, non-fiction, action-adventure, etc. Books have a way of opening your world to new and unimaginable worlds. There is nothing like reading a good book that makes you either question things of existence or moves you emotionally.

Action Step: Figure out books you want to reach for the next 30-90 days, and be intentional in finding the time to read them.

B. Workshops

Workshops, especially online, are really popular. You can easily sign up for a free webinar, video series, or one-time live masterclass and learn new skills and techniques. Just like books, you can sign up for workshops on many topics. There are a few websites that you can use to learn new things: YouTube, Skillshare, Lynda, and Teachable.

Takeaway: YouTube is probably the best and “free” platform to use for figuring out how to do anything.

C. Goals

These next two points are definitely great ways to invest in yourself. Goals being one of them. When you take the time to sit down and think about what your next move will be, you are not only investing in future, but you are developing a better habit. Goal setting is a great habit to have. When you continuous set new challenges and targets to reach you are developing and growing into a better version of yourself. I do my best to set daily goals. One, to remind myself that my day job isn’t dictating my life, but two, I set daily goals because there are plateaus that I want to reach in life.

Action Step: Set aside 10 minutes to come up with at least 3 goals you want to reach in a day

D. Routines

Similar to setting daily goals, let it be a routine that you continuously find new ways to better yourself. Your daily routine says a lot about you and what you think of life. For instance, if you’re daily routine involves waking up around 1 pm in the afternoon, sitting around watching daytime TV all day and constantly on social media and it’s not even your job, you’re not really being productive at all. Instead, a daily routine of waking up 8 am, creating goals to reach for the day, ensuring that you are eating 3 full meals, running errands, and working on your crafts and interests, is a much better routine to carry out every day.

Action Step: Look at your daily routine and figure out what things you can cut out, cut down the time doing, or simply add to make it more productive.