5 Affirmations To Say When You Start Doubting Yourself

5 Affirmations To Say

Affirmations are exactly how they sound, they give you the positive vibe or energy that you need. We can easily point out all the bad things that we go through, the most challenging times in our lives, and overall, we tend to look at our life through negativity. We get so used the negativity that we respond better to the negative things than we do the positive ones.

When it comes to our goals and dreams we focus automatically on the negative: failure, fear, doubt, struggle, etc. We focus so much on the negativity that we become immune to it and start to reflect that in our thoughts and actions. 

But someone told me that we become what we think. Keeping this in mind, today I'm sharing with you only 5 affirmations to say to yourself when you either start doubting yourself, feel scared or afraid to make a decision, or simply do not believe in yourself. 

Affirmation 1

Simply stating that we will become who we want to be is putting us in the spirit to accomplish our goals. This has to be the most simplest affirmation to say to yourself, but just like all things, you will require to take action.

Affirmation 2

How easy it is for us to simply conform to the stereotypes that are against us or believe the expectations that other people have placed on us? It is truly easy to take note of all the "wrong" things about us, but regardless of how many things we are bad at or are simply wrong about us, we still have the potential to be great.

Affirmation 3

You may not be where you want to be in life, but you are definitely better than who you were last year, last month, and yesterday. The good thing about life is that we continue to discover who were are and become better versions of ourselves.

Affirmation 4

You can not let anyone or anything determine your future/outcome. Regardless of who your parents were, friends, relatives, only you and the choices/decisions that you make can determine the outcome of your future.

Affirmation 5

This affirmation can be said anytime you are presented with an opportunity or project and you start to think about your ability or potential. Whenever you in a situation like this, repeat this exact affirmation.

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