5 Bloggers To Follow As A New Blogger

5 Bloggers To Follow

I was reading and engaging with blogs prior to when I started my blog in 2014. To be honest, I was so lost as to what a blog consisted of but I really wanted one. I wanted to create graphics for my blog, get people to follow me and comment on a post. It all looked "cool" (sounds so weird). However, once I bought my domain, it took me literally 1 month to finally write a blog post. I kept reading about how to start a blog and what you need to do to have a successful one. It was overwhelming, but I noticed that most of my information came from certain blogs/website so I decided to only research what I needed on those sites. If you're a new blogger or interested in starting a blog, here are 5 blogs that you need to be following:

ByRegina Website


The infropreneur ninja who helps other creatives make money with their minds aka infopreneurship. Regina has written for many business websites and finds the time to write long, invaluable blog posts, all while being a professor and entrepreneur. Her knowledge of becoming and being an entrepreneur comes from years of creating businesses and through failures and mistakes, she's found ByRegina as her platform to teach other bloggers and creatives a thing or two about finding success online. She provides really, like really, really, useful content on infopreneurship, blogging, and business in the format of courses, ebooks, and other downloads.

Mattieologie Website


I found Mattieologie late 2015, but quickly became a fan. Mattie James is a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and of course an entrepreneur. She has not only found the answer to finding success online and as a blogger, but how to do it all while holding down her household. She has worked with many brands from H&M to Cotton to MACY'S, so she can definitely teach you how to survive and make a living in these internet streets and social media avenues. Not only does she write blog posts, but she shares her story through her Mattieologie podcast as well as with her husband Chris, in the Mattie & Chris podcast.

MayaElious Website

Maya Elious

The sister to Mattie but a branding master and clarity and strategy coach for bloggers and business owners. Maya dropped out of college because she realized that what she did in her spare time was becoming something she was passionate about doing. She took her graphic design skills to start an online business offering branding and web design for bloggers/creatives and business owners. After finding out that some of her clients failed to keep their site or business up online because they didn't have clarity or any strategy to make and measure their success, she decided to transition to being a coach. She believes in getting clear on your business/brand goals and implementing through strategy.

The Alisha Nicole Website

The Alisha Nicole

My sister (not in real life, though). I love The Alisha Nicole because she has this girl next door appeal similar to my real life appeal, but more on that another day. Alisha started online selling jewelry, but when she found failure she learned from her mistakes and in return helped coach creative women on how they can create and profit from their online business.

Jen Carrington Website

Jen Carrington

Although we're thousands of miles away from each other, Jen Carrington is definitely someone who I follow no, ifs, ands, or buts. I found Jen halfway through my first year of blogging and found her to be a model as I got better control of managing my blog and personal life outside of it. She is so personal with her story of suffering from health issues and her life with her boyfriend. Her "Make It Happen" podcast has definitely helped me as a blogger. How honest and open she is about her blogging journey has motivated and inspired me to do the same here on Becoming Natasha. 

I follow all of these bloggers on BlogLovin' and as well as on Twitter. Be sure to follow me on social media to stay updated with blog posts and behind the scene looks as to what I have planned next for Becoming Natasha.

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