5 Key Steps To Building Your Personal Brand


Personal branding is helpful to personal development. Lately, more and more people are representing themselves as brands and marketing themselves to companies and even other people as a way to leverage their opportunities. When you highlight your strengths, work on your weakness, set yourself apart and market yourself as a brand, you open yourself up to a world of new opportunities. And if you want to make an impact, you have to be intentional in building your personal brand. But if you have no idea on where to even start, here are 5 key steps you need to take:

Get Clear On Your Message

What you do, how you do it, and who you do it for is one major step to building your personal brand. Whether you own a business, blog, or brand, your message helps people find you useful or interesting enough to follow and engage with. When you lack a message, people don’t know who are and how you can help them. Be clear in your message, by being clear on the value that you can present and deliver to others. What can do you do for others? What can help people in? What can you provide other people?

Figure Out Your Platform

Regardless of the platform, you’re on, it’s best to be strategic in what you post and what you update on a regular. Some platforms don’t call for you to regularly post an update, but with the majority of the platforms you use, you should update enough. If you’re on Instagram, post a combination of what you do and your everyday life at least once a day. You want to be a humanistic as possible without being too personal. Allow people see the “real” you. Learn how to use the platform that you’re on to market who you are. 

Understand Your Value

What you offer can help you grow your personal brand. As you develop your personal brand remember that impact and value goes a longer way than trying to create an income.

The biggest mistake in building our personal brand is thinking we can't do things for free or offer free value period. We believe what we have to offer can only be bought. We determine our value by dollars. Your value is important, but that’s determined if you have something useful and relevant to say and do. 

Build Your Network

A big mistake I made and am making up for it is building a network. The saying goes your network determines your net worth. There are so many benefits from building a network of people who are either on your level or higher. Meeting people with much more expertise than you grants you the opportunity to have just as much knowledge as them and more. Not only can you benefit from being in the same presence as those better than you, but you get the opportunity to present yourself and what you do, thus putting yourself on people's radar. 

Be Consistent

As much as it can be difficult to do, consistency is key to building and creating your personal brand. As long as you’re consistent you will remain relevant. It doesn’t matter if you're good or the best, most people who are considered great are actually just good. They’ve mastered the art of consistency. Keep at it, keep practicing your craft, even if you’re mediocre in it.