5 Not So Obvious Reasons Why You're Still Stuck


Being stuck is not always the best feeling, in fact, it can really suck. The idea of you constantly trying to figure out your next move to make can be hard to do. But the honest is truth is that you're doing things are keeping your stuck and you don't even realize it. It may come to you as a surprise, but here are 5 reasons why you're still stuck

You’re making the same goals that you did last year, matter of fact last month

Making the same goals each month will eventually turn into another year of the same plans that you have. The problem is you only write down the goal, but not the result you’re looking for. Planning goals isn’t just enough you have to plan out the result and most importantly the process you need to take to reach that goal.

The goals are only there for you to achieve them, but if you have not idea how to make them happen you need to break down what the process looks like for achieving them. If your goal is finally to start making money from your business you need to be specific in how much you want to make and be realistic about when you want to make it by. Whether you have a style blog, clothing brand, consulting business, the goal of making money looks different for but the same in the process. For your style blog, you want to sell a kit on how to redo your wardrobe closet for 7.99$, and your goal is to reach 100$ in sales. Do the math on how many people you need to buy that kit to reach 100$. Or figure out what else you can sell to reach the goal faster. The same goes for your clothing business. $100 in sales could be 10 items at the price of $10.

It’s time to stop overthinking what it is you want to do and get over feeling like your constantly stuck. The answers are right in front of you. Take the time to not only set the goal but create the process for reaching it.

You still think you’re above the work and entitled to the result

If you have actually taken the step to figuring out how you're going to accomplish your goals, your still stuck because you think you’re above the work. I used to think the same thing. I thought I could grow my blog without having to spend the necessary time doing so. I thought because I created a blog and created social media accounts that people should just follow me and that my blog posts should automatically go viral.

You are not entitled to your dreams, but you are entitled to the work needed to reach them. Don’t think for one second your deserve the reward for doing the bare minimum. It doesn’t work that way. Anytime you’ve rushed something, it either ended up being mediocre and okay. If you rushed someone to make you food, it might come out half cooked or simply taste bad. But when you wait patiently, when you don’t rush and allow the cook to take his or her time to make your food, it tastes a lot better. The same goes for your growth and progress.

Take your time with what you do because it’s more rewarding to say you’ve gone through adversity to get where you want to be than to reach the goal itself. I’ll say that again, differently. It’s not about reaching the goal that makes things great. Your true test of commitment and faith comes times of adversity. If you can push through the hard times the easy times are a breeze. Beside which story would you want to hear: someone who didn’t go through anything but manage to reach heights OR someone who reach their lowest life point and bounced back to become super successful?

You keep hoping the successful people you follow online will one day give you the “answers” aka picking their brains

Probably one of the major points in this post. I don’t care how many successful people you follow on and offline, you will not be able to replicate their success or assume that the magical answer will one day come your way. To be as honest and frank, what separates the successful people from those who aren’t, is that they took the time to do the work, and not just do the work because of the reward but because they want to make a difference someway somehow.

There is nothing that Gary Vee, Myleik Teele, Tony Robbins, and Marie Forleo are doing that you can’t do. That’s not to say that as long as you do the work the reward will come. It’s not always about the instant gratification. It’s more about your growth, your progress in life, who you are inspiring, and the impact you are making. This is something you can’t get from those you follow on a regular basis.

The impact you are destined to make in this world is different from the successful people you follow online. You can copy what they do but you will never reach the plateaus they reach because you’re not them. You are you. And you have to find your rhythm. You have to find your hook, your uniqueness. Find your purpose.

On the other side of following people who are successful is that you may want to "pick their brain". I hate this, in fact, I've learned how to not do this. It's easy to assume that people will willingly to give you all their "secrets". That's not the case here. Most successful people will tell you what to do to get where you want to be, but when it comes to showing you, it's going to come with a price tag on it and for good reasons. For someone who has dedicated years upon years of educating themselves on what they do, through trial and error, through mistakes, through shortcomings, and failures this person has overcome adversity and challenges to get where they are today and for you to think that they will just freely give you all their "secrets" to success, you are completely mistaken.

There is nothing absolutely annoying than someone who simply wants to ride the way of your progress and your growth because they are too "lazy" to take the time to learn for themselves and do for themselves. It's not rocket science, it's all about believing in who you are and what you can do, and using that to fuel your dreams. It's no perfect way to success, it's all about starting and constantly pushing forward even when things aren't going the way you planned, even when times are hard and you have no idea what's the come next, keep pushing. The moment you give in, you surrender all your hard work to failure.

You’re busy trying to replicate someone’s progress because the two of you share a similar goal

Similar to the last point, you're stuck where you are because you're busy trying to replicate someone's progress because you two share similar goals. You might notice similarities in what the two of you are doing but the both of you don't have the same goal. Someone might have the same goal as me of "self-publishing a book", but my book is not the same as theirs. It doesn't matter if the goal seems the same, it isn't. Everyone has their own reason for setting goals and their own way of making those goals happen. Figure out your way.

You think that people who are committed to their dreams have a privilege that you don’t

Finally, if you're still stuck where you are in life, it's probably because you think people who are committed to what they do and consistent in it have some type of privilege. They don't and neither do you. Everyone is given the same amount of time within a day. What you do with those 24 hours depends on you. If you spend the majority of your day constantly daydreaming about what it is you want to do instead of doing it, you're wasting time. if you want to spend your time, sleeping, watching Netflix all day on the couch and admiring the people on your Instagram feed and what they're doing, that's all up to you. It's all on you if tomorrow, you're still not close to your goals and dreams.

Understand that there are only a select few people in this world that are privileged and when I mean privileged, I mean have the capital to invest in whatever they want without a problem. For the majority of us, it's all about doing the most with what we have. There are only two ways to invest in yourself: time and money. If you don't have the time then you better have the money, if you don't have the money than you better have the time. Regardless of what you have, do the most with what you can with it. There's is power in strategic advantage.

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