5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Blogger

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Blogger

If you haven't noticed more and more people are starting blogs today. I mean if it isn't a blog through a platform like Squarespace, it's definitely through social media. I've been blogging for 2 years now and I'm happy that I did because I've been able to make so many things happen from blogging. Since 2014 I've learned how to use social media and my blog to make things happen for myself and if you want to do the same, here is 5 things that you need to know:


Before I started blogging, I read and followed a few blogs. I noticed that the bloggers seemed to post regularly, have great blog images, even seemed to be everywhere on social media. I kept thinking to myself how easy would it be for me to blog. I'm always on social media. But little did I know that once I started blogging, it would take twice as much work to be a blogger. 

Once you start blogging you'll begin to realize how difficult it is to post regularly, share on social media, network on social media, and definitely take high quality pictures. That doesn't mean that you can't post regularly, it means that you have to create a process in writing posts, sharing on social media, and doing other behind the scene tasks. To make the process easier, it's best to create an editorial calendar that lays out what you need to post on what day and on what social media platform. It will help you stay organized and not stress out, doing things at the last minute.

Along with the process of writing blog posts, it will take time for you to build a following, people who follow your blog. It took me months once I first started blogging to build a following of people on social media and who came to read my blog everyday. Let me be the first to tell you that people who thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest started at zero. 

Trial & Error

Regardless of how many free courses I take, free workshops, and the advice and strategies from more experienced bloggers, my blogging journey is filled with trial and error. Not every suggestion from other bloggers worked in my case, which made me experiment with posting on social media at different times, publishing my blog posts certain days out of the week, and even how I find followers on social media. The entire journey has been filled with trial and errors.

This is the same for every blogger because not everything that works for one blogger will work for the rest. How many blog posts you publish every week or month will depend on your daily schedule. Accommodate your blogging schedule so that it will work for you. If you can only blog 2X a week, that's fine. If you can only write 4 blog posts a month then do so.


I've made more "friends" online than I have in real life. It's amazing how internet friends seem more connected and interested than friends/family IRL (in real life). My followers have become decent friends of mine, they give me good feedback, promote my work, share it, even comment on it as a way of support. These things I can't necessarily get IRL. Along with the relationships I've built online, I'm so close to networking with brands and companies just by being online. In fact, that's the way to network with brand or companies you're interested in collaborating with for a project or work.

Blogging or simply being online can connect you with people that you thought were impossible to reach. Everyone is on social media, well anyone that can comprehend posting, tweeting, snapchats, etc, are on social media. From your favorite celebrity to your next door neighbor, you can be in connection with anyone just through your blog or social media. 


Opportunities are one of the three reasons blogging should be your next career move, but before I started blogging, I didn't even know what opportunities there were out there for me. Blogging offers so many ways to make money and establish a way of life for you. You can become an author or New York Time's Bestseller just from running a blog. Luvvie Ajayi of Awesomely Luuvie, recently published her first book, "I'm Judging You". She's known for her wit via social media and her blog called, Awesomely Luuvie. Other bloggers such as Melyssa Griffin of Melyssagriffin.com (formerly The Nectar Collective) and Mattie James of Mattieologie.com have made 6 figures from their blogs; and these two women came from working 9-5 jobs. The opportunities that came from having a blog are endless and something I wish I'd known prior to starting.


After all is said and done, I didn't know blogging would be this enjoyable. I mean it is a lot of work, but it's fun and exciting. I like waking up to write blog posts or to find inspiration just from walking outside. It's almost as if blogging is this new world filled with creative people and go getters, and of course friendly people. I can share a post on Twitter and have people share and like it, even read it and let me know what they think. I find this helpful but meaningful. It makes getting up at 6AM easier, and you too will find something that you enjoy from blogging.

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