7 Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Productive Day


Getting ready for a new day can be challenging without a productive morning routine. You might find yourself stumbling to the bathroom, rushing to get yourself together, and if you have the time make breakfast. Regardless, morning routines are to help you get ready for the day ahead and not dread what's to come. Here are 7 things for you do in the morning:

1. Writing

Although you may not be the perfect or best writer, writing down your thoughts before you start your day can help channel your energy. Your energy is key to how people treat you, approach you, and interact with you. If you start the morning off rude and ignorant, that's the energy you will attract from other people. Positive energy will (but not all the time) yield positive results, but most of the time it will.

Writing down what you feel is one of the best ways to stay grounded. When your thoughts are gathered in your head they can fill up and cloud your judgment. You need mental clarity and the best way to do so is to write out what you feel, know, and simply are thinking of.

2. Exercising

Similar to writing, exercising opens up your mind. It helps you release stress and build up overwhelm and causes you to think differently and do things without a blurred judgment. Exercising can build up motivation within side you and help you figure out some challenges you might be facing and with mental clarity, you can then learn what to do and not to do, when it comes to any challenge, roadblock or obstacle standing in your way.

3. Reading

You may not be up to reading the first thing in the morning, but it helps you open up your mind and gets your thoughts jumping before you start your day. Reading can help you clear your mind before you head out into the morning rush, it's also one of the best ways to fall asleep, by the way.

4. Tidying Up

What's better than coming home to a house or apartment that is clean? Spend some time in the morning before you start your day and leave out for work to tidy up the house. You don't have to do a thorough clean of your space, but tidy up few things, clear the floor, at least clear the available space. You'll be surprised how you clearing your physical space helps to clear up your personal and mental space.

5. Writing down your daily goals

The absolute best way to spend your morning and to have a productive day is to write down the goals you want to reach within 24 hours. As much as you think you don't, you have enough time to get at least 3 major things done in a day. Usually, these 3 three are in a form of a to-do list waiting for you to check each item off as complete. Before committing to anything and heading out the door, spend 10 minutes or so figuring out what 3 things you want to accomplish before the end of the day and really work hard to getting them done.

6. Having breakfast

Having a good nutritious meal in the morning is a must in my household. Some days I do find myself rushing and having to grab breakfast on the way to work, but there is nothing like sitting down and taking in a good meal to fill your tummy and start your day. Practice waking up early enough to not only start your day but ensure that you are full. An empty stomach will lead to you crashing before lunchtime.

7. Working on your craft

Some days I'm lucky to spend a few minutes to maybe 30 minutes blogging or creating social media graphics. On those days, I feel super productive and happy that I was able to deposit some time to working on my business and blog. If you can, spend time working on any project of interest. The small deposit of times will make a huge difference.