7 Ways To Prepare Your Blog Or Business For A New Season


A new quarter of the year or a new season brings on new ideas and goals for you to accomplish. It also allows you to do things like, realign with your message and who your blog or business is serving. It also helps you identify the areas of improvement, but most importantly, it can help you add more “ease” into how you run your blog or business.

So today, I’m offering you 7 ways to prepare your blog or business for a new set of 90 days:

Audit Your Numbers

Before you begin setting new goals, you should look at and reflect on the past 90 days. Go through your profiles, pages, content, etc, and look at your insights or analytics. Your numbers will tell you what you’ve accomplished and what you still have to work on. When it comes to your numbers, think about your followers, subscribers, and overall engagement: What did you post? What comments did it receive? How many shares did have? What platform did most of your engagement come from?

Set Your Goals

Once you audit your numbers you can finally set goals for the next weeks to months. But even with setting your goals you want to focus on the ones that really matter and can grant you the results you’re looking for. You also want to break your goals down into 30-60-90 days.

Here’s an example:

Goal: Produce $1K in sales

30-60-90 day breakdown: $300/per month

You can break this down into even smaller goals: $300/month = $75 per week = $10-11 per day; so really, making $1k in 90 days, means you need to make $10-11 per day.

Refresh your profiles

Think about how you’re showing up on social media and building your presence. Your profiles are one of many ways in which people encounter and experience your brand. Think about what you’re sharing in your social media bios: Does it explain what you do? Does it offer ways to engage with your brand in a different way, like highlight free content?

In addition to your bios, think about the type of content that you share and the visuals that represent your brand. Audit the type of content that you are sharing on your social profiles to make sure it aligns with who you are targeting.

Realign with your message and audience

At times your message can get fused in with someone else’s story, spend enough time on the internet and you’ll see that other people may be saying the same thing as you. So it’s important to make sure that you’re aligning with your own message. Don’t think that what you’re saying other people aren’t. Just ensure that you know what your message is and who you’re targeting.

When it comes to your audience, spend time auditing who you’re following and who it following you. Attracting the right audience comes down to who you follow and what/who is following you. If your social media feed is full of things that don’t represent you, you’re going to have a challenge, marketing the “things” that you find valuable and are “on brand”.

Create your schedules and calendars

As you prepare for a new season, you should also establish calendars and schedules that include the content you will share on your website, blog, and even on social media. Your calendars can help you create a schedule to follow to make sure you’re on track with what you should be doing and what goals you’ve set for yourself.

Find resources

Growing your blog or business includes resources to help you. You don’t know everything and you don’t need to know everything. As a creative, you should also be learning and developing your craft. What books are you reading? What products are you buying? What services are you investing in? What trainings will you use?

Adjust your mindset

Stepping into a new season and doing so successfully comes down to your mindset. You become what you think. You mindset can make or break your determination. Think about what limiting beliefs you may have and how you can eliminate them.