7 Reasons You're Doing Better In Life Than You Think


Certain times in our journey, we come to a point where we question ourselves and what we think our life to be like. Majority of the time we’re questioning whether we’re succeeding, whether we’re creating the life we want to live, whether this is the only way of life that we’ll know. Regardless of the thoughts, I’m here to tell you today that you are doing better than you think. Know and understand that this life is only temporary and everything that you go through is not permanent at all. Here are 7 reasons to prove that:

1. You're Learning To Accept The Things That You Can't Change

It comes to a point when you grow tired of trying to change things you have no control over. For example, changing someone you're in relationship with. You can't simply change people, but you can influence them. When you finally come to this realization, so much will be lifted from your shoulders and life will become easier. So many of us spend our time doing our best to change people or things that are out of our control. If you want to change something, change you're approach to it, ie.)your co-worker at your day job. You can't change this person, but you can just the fact that they are you co-worker and apply to a different job. Find the things in your life that you have full control over and make the change. For things that you can't change, let it be, and change your approach to it.

2. You've outgrown certain relationships

As you get older the relationships you’re in will change, especially your friendships. College proved to me that the people I befriend in high school will not always be my friends later on in life. I had to come to a realization that my friendships were going to go through either transformations or simply end because I was going down a different path. Outgrowing your relationships means you’re no longer benefiting from the person you’re around anymore, and that it’s okay. It’s important for friendships to outgrow the people in it. You can’t keep “benefiting” from the same person too long. That person is only in your life for specific reasons and when those reasons are no longer valid and important, it’s time to move on. 

3. You know what you want vs what you don't want

At different stages and ages we become a lot clearer on who we are and what we want. We also become clear on what we don’t want in our life. When you're clear on what you want and don't want, you know what to accept and what not to tolerate. If you know that you don't want a significant other who doesn't value the same things that you do, you know right then and there they are not right for you because you know what it is you want and are looking for. The same applies to every area in your life: your job, you friendships, material things, food, etc. 

5. You're not in the same situations you were before

Although it may not seem like it, but none of our situations are permanent. Everything we do and go through is only temporary. When you look back on your life there are so many situations that you were in where you thought you would never get out of. The fact that you did shows you that you're doing better than you think in your life. That bad relationship, that fake friendship, that horrible relationship with a relative, that horrible job, whatever you've gone through before that you're not anymore is evident that you are doing better in life. 

6. You aren't afraid to mess up and accept that you did

Maturity comes in a many forms but one is when you learn to accept your mistakes, failures, and shortcomings. We are human and we make mistakes, but we grow when learn from those mistakes and make sure we don't make the same mistakes again. It's okay to mess up sometimes, it's okay to be wrong, it's okay to fail, but it's the best when you get past those incidents and implement the valuable lesson in them. 

7. You don't mind if people don't accept you

The ultimate form of growing is accepting yourself and accepting the fact that not everyone will accept you. We you love yourself, when you know yourself, and are confident in doing so it may intimidate people who aren't as confident and comfortable in who they are. Never conform to someone's expectations or standards. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who would make other people feel small so they can feel better about themselves. These people are still working on themselves in that area of life. Be the person to inspire them to be themselves, by being you and loving and accepting yourself.