8 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Blog This Year


Since 2014, I've been online blogging and building my personal brand. I've learned so much through it and gained so many skills that I didn't know were a thing. In fact, through my blog, I've made an impact on so many people.

initially, I started blogging as a natural hair blogger, helping black women learn and care for their natural hair. Thanks to that blog, I've been able to influence other women to go natural like my aunts, friends, and even my sisters.

Now that I've transitioned from that blog and created Becoming Natasha, I'm now helping women get clear on their message and the impact they want to make. If you're ready to start making your impact and building your presence, here are 8 reasons why you need to start a blog this year.

Builds Trust

The best way to get people to follow you is to build trust. Your blog will be the best way to build trust with someone than updating your Facebook and Instagram regularly. With social media, you can pick and choose what you want to post up and have people interpret it that in their own way. But with your blog posts, you can showcase all your knowledge and experience on a particular topic. You can teach people all that you know what it is that you do.

Build Your Personal Brand

Blogging can help build your personal brand, which in turn can help build up your credibility, which will then build your trust. See how it all works out? Building your personal brand helps people relate to you. A key step to building your brand is remaining human as possible. What does that mean? Don't just post up the "good" photos of you and what you do, but show people the real you. What does it look like to be you on a daily basis? 

Create A Side Hustle

Your blog and eventually turn into a side hustle. This happened to Becoming Natasha. It started off as a natural hair blog for black women, but in turn, I grew into being interested in personal branding, growing your online presence, and making a larger impact through coaching. All of this has come after four years of blogging. If you keep at it, your blog can turn into a side hustle where you're actually getting paid for it and because of it. My best advice is to not rush it OR focus too much on making an income. Focus on making an impact, first, and the income will follow.

Promote Your Expertise

One of the biggest reasons for blogging was that I had a load of information and knowledge about being online. Although I was starting out early in my blogging career, I was experiencing things and learning new things that friends and family wanted to know more about. I was even meeting bloggers where I live and found out that we all knew something different when it comes to building your presence online. I say all this to say that your blog is the perfect platform to express your expertise in something. 

Build A Network

Being online and blogging can be fun, but lonely at times. It's the only thing that doesn't require you to be around a lot of people, yet you meet a lot a people. I've met a decent amount of people both on and offline, and love that we have things in common with building our brands, reaching our audience, and making an impact. Your network of friends, whether they are on or offline can help you in reaching a wider audience and learning new things about what it is you do. Build your network, by not just following people online, but doing more offline. As much as the internet can connect us to people, it eliminates getting to really know people and building authentic relationships.

Create Opportunities

Blogging and being online can open you up to many opportunities. You can either make money on your blog, partner with brands and other bloggers/influencers. You can also create a job at a company or actually work for a particular brand. The opportunities are almost endless. But it takes starting your own online presence to experience this.

Learn New Skills

You'll realize that once you really take being online seriously, there is a lot to learn. You can do so much on Instagram, besides posting and following people. One thing for sure, you can now upload stories to your news feed and highlight that story on your profile. This means when people click on your profile they can catch stories from days, weeks, and months ago. Outside of hacks, you simply learn how to operate differently when you're being intentional about building your online presence and growing your blog. You'll learn marketing tips and skills that you can actually apply in real life and even get hired for. 

Make An Impact

Overall, your blog is a way for you to make an impact. Through sharing your expertise and building trust, you can make an impact on anyone willing to listen to what you have to say and find it useful. If you're ready to get started making your impact, you can download the Make Your Blog Checklist.