How I Balance Being A Mom, An Employee, And Aspiring Entrepreneur



We all have responsibilities to do on a daily basis, but since becoming a mom, I’m learning how to balance all that I have to do. When I mean balance, I don’t mean breaking up my days into spending a certain amount of time to each responsibility, but by allowing myself to be present at all times when and wear all the hats that I have to. I wouldn’t call myself superwoman, but I do keep my responsibility up on my shoulders and if you’re anything like me, balancing what you do with the responsibilities you have, here’s how I balance it all:

Set Priorities & Boundaries

Setting my priorities are so important for me now that I am balancing more hats. Before I became a mom it was a lot easier to balance simply going to work and coming home, but now that I have someone other than my fiancé to come home to, it’s really important that I prioritize and set realistic daily goals. I usually find myself setting at least 3 main goals for the day, that are broken into being personal (me + family), professional, and general. I don’t try to give myself more stuff to do, if I don't need to.

Be A Mom First

Regardless of what I have to do, I am always a mom first. Between my 9-5 and the work I do after I come home it’s a challenge to balance my mom duties, but nothing can compare to this responsibility and I am serious about being there for my son. He’s only a few months old and this time in his life is critical for his development. He’s learning how to use his motor skill and grab items, like his toys, his bottle, and of course things he shouldn't grab or hold onto. He’s also figuring out sounds and movements. It’s amazing to literally see someone so innocent learn and grow, and I will never put anything before that. 

Be Present All The Time

Whether I am at work, doing my work, or with my son, I make sure that I am fully present where & when I need to be. It helps in making sure I am able to be productive and actually get things done. Since my son is watched during the day while I’m at work, I make sure I do the work needed for me to do and occasionally check in on him. The same goes for my personal work at home. Whenever my son is sleep, I do my best to be productive in getting work done like blog posts, emails, social media sharing, etc. It’s not easy, but when you find the best way to be focused on what’s in front of you at the time, it makes making time for everything a tad bit doable. 

Don't Spread Myself Thin

At the end of the day, I understand my major responsibilities and knowing that, I do my best to not pile things up on my plate. I allow myself to work my 9-5 hours and only those hours, so that I have enough time for my son and being home. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I check in when I need to and can. I don’t try to spread myself too thin with all that I have to do because being a parent is already an exhausting job. But it's because of my son that I’ve learned to take care of myself as much as I can, like getting enough rest and sleep, to have enough energy to be with him.

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