5 Step To Creating A Purposeful, Impactful Brand


As you build your blog or business, it's imperative that you focus on build a purposeful, impactful brand. That means operating your blog or business with a sense of purpose and making sure that you create or provide through your blog or business makes an impact on your followers, readers, customers, clients, etc.

So, how do you do that?

Today, I'm breaking down 5 key steps to creating the brand for your blog or business...

Brand Statement

What promise are you going to deliver to your audience, followers, or readers? Your brand statement explains and briefly outlines what your blog/business will do.

Your brand statement should consist what it is you do or are good at (value), who your target follower, reader, or customer is (who you serve) and the value that you will provide them (unique selling point).

For example, you may be a clothing brand for newborns. Your brand statement may consist of providing quality, affordable newborn outfits to new moms.

Your business model may ONLY offer to ship so these new moms don’t have to leave the house, allowing them to spend more time taking care of their newborns.

Finally, your brand statement can be 1-2 sentences. Remember, you only summarize what your blog/business provides.

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Audience CAP

You want to be selective in who your audience is for your blog or business. Your blog or business isn’t for everyone and creating a purposeful brand means being selective in who you target. Think about putting a CAP on your audience


What’s the average age range of your audience? What’s the predominant gender that reads your blog or follows you on social? What beliefs do they have about your blog/business, niche, industry?


What social media platforms do they use? How often are they on social media? What days do they tend to be more active online? You want to know this information because it’ll help you create and promote your content at the right times.

Pain points

What does your audience want to know? What frustrations do they currently have? Where do they seem to feel stuck? What do they come to you for/about?

EPIC Content

Regardless if you operate a business or a blog, you HAVE to create content. Content is your contribution and your way of communicating with your readers, followers, and customers about your brand, your niche, your industry, etc.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with content to create, think in terms of EPIC:


Content that is always relatable. For example, as a style blogger, you could write about pairing colors with the seasons. This topic is always relatable because one, seasons change and two, certain colors tend to be associated with certain seasons.


Content that highlights your personality or personal experience is key to creating an impactful brand. Your audience wants to know that there is an actual person operating their favorite blog or business and that they can relate to you.


Create content that offers a different approach or way of thinking. Do you disagree with how your industry operates? Write your thoughts on it. Do you believe more people in your niche should collaborate more? Explain why.


Do you offer products or services? Create content that markets and promote them. You can create Instagram stories, create a video explaining your products or services, send an email to your email list about your products or services


Consistency will set you apart from the others in the long run. Honestly, most people are average at what they do, but they’ve decided to be consistent, so they’re seen as experts and go-tos.

Consistency is your commitment to put in the work and to execute, especially when nobody is around or watching. If you really want to reach the levels you have set for yourself, it’s up to you to be consistent in what you do.


If you want to keep reaching new levels in your blog or business you're going to have to leverage and level up. That includes being open to learning more and new things to run your blog or business successfully.

Never stop learning! You don't know everything about running a blog or business, in fact, algorithms and "trends" change from time to time, so you should never stop learning. 

Do yourself a favor by continuously finding resources to help you grow, that may even mean investing a coach or mentor. Find books about your niche and even outside of your niche. Locate mastermind groups that you can participate in or programs that you can enroll in.