How To Stop Making Choices & Start Making Decisions


When you woke up this morning you had a choice to do two things: stay in bed longer or get up and start your day. Most of us probably did a combination of both, stayed in bed just a few more minutes and got up right before our next alarm went off. When it comes to creating a life that we want to live we usually do a combination. We want to still stay in our comfort zone, but at the same time want to have the life we dream of having. It can’t happen that way and for many good reasons, but one good reason is that every level of your life requires a different version of yourself, and usually this version should be a better and more improved, and it’s up to you to make the choice of either living the life you are in now or creating the one you want to live.

The secret to success & happiness is knowing how to stop making choices and start making decisions. When you make a choice, you are giving yourself options to make, which means, you’re allowing yourself to make any choice and create a different outcome. Whenever, I ask questions on social media to my followers about their goals and aspirations, so many of them respond with the fact that they aren’t consisted or focused on going after what they want. The reason why is because they are too busy making choices for themselves and not making decisions.

Decisions are intentional, but choices are optional

To pursue something you want, you have to be intentional, meaning make decisions. If you’re contemplating on going after what you want, you have not made a decision but a choice to stay stuck in fear. The only option you have when it comes to creating the life you want to live is making the decision to do so. If you intentionally want to live a better life, one that includes being there for your family, making a living doing what you love to do and being happy, you have to decide that it will happen. There is nothing optional about it. But so many of us are too afraid to pursue what we want, that we bail out and create options for ourselves. We’re too afraid of the ultimate outcome so we make more than one outcome for ourselves.

Decisions are thought-upon, but choices are made on the spot

Making choices means you don’t have to think about the result or outcome. When you repeatedly make quick actions you’re not intentional or serious about the result you’re looking for. It’s almost as if you don’t care what the outcome is. But you can't pursue your dreams off quick actions. You need to be intentional about every step you take so that you know you’re going in the right direction. Whenever you make a goal, whether it is small or large, you need to be specific on how you’re going to achieve it. Every action you make is a decision, something that is thought-upon. What this means is every time you decide on something, you have taken the time to see whether or not it is leading you in the right direction or moving you backward. Not every decision is going to be easy to make... 

Decisions lead to the result you’re looking for, choices create crossroads.

You can’t have a combination of a decision and choice, it has to be one or the other. Your decisions are what will lead to the results you are looking for. When you make a decision, but the choices you make create a crossroad. The process is broken down like this: whenever you have a goal in mind, your mind tells you if it is safe to go after or not. If it’s not safe then your mind gives you alternatives. Say, for instance, you wanted to start a business, but you don’t have the money you think you need to start it. You think it’s not safe to start the business, but you still want it to come true, so you come up with alternatives. You start thinking of other businesses to start that don’t require a lot of money or you focus on trying to get all the money you need and believe the money will be the answer to your problems. Nothing in your mind tells you to start and things will work itself out. Right now, you’re at a crossroad: do you still continue only focus on the money you need to start the business or do you only focus on starting other businesses that don’t require a lot of money? Neither option leads you to the result that you are looking for.

Whatever the result you are looking for you, you have to remember:

  • Keep that goal in mind and know that it can happen
  • Eliminate any distractions or deviations from that decision, this includes people
  • Be specific and strategic in your actions
  • Show Up Because the work isn’t going to complete itself
  • Anything worthwhile will never come easy, but things get easier the more you keep pursuing them