How To Find Your Voice & Stand Out

Finding your voice isn't always easy to do. First, you have to get used to actually hearing it, and second you don't want to sound boring, uninteresting, and have nothing to say. When it comes to becoming the person you want to be and walking in your purpose, finding your voice helps you connect with you need to touch most. Here's how:

Finding Your Voice & Standing Out

Use Your Voice, Literally

The best way to stand out is to speak up. It's not always the loudest person in the room that gets all of the attention. People will notice the quiet ones in the back or off to the side. Using your voice means people will acknowledge you and figure out whether or not you or your story seems interesting enough to follow. Plus, speaking up helps you get comfortable in hearing your own voice. Most times we hate listening to how we sound, but speaking up gets rid of the cringe feeling that you get.

Learn How To Tell A Story, Your Story

To get better at using your voice, storytelling is really important. Your story is your experience and your experience tells the story of the many situations you've managed to overcome. Not only that, but your story is what your life consist of right now: what/who is important to you, your life vision, and of course the message you're sending out to other people. 

Have A Purpose

Standing out is already hard to do thanks to social media and the internet, so the best way to distance yourself from other people is to have a purpose. Your purpose is your why - it's the reason you do OR want to do what you do. Your purpose is the ultimate impact or change that you envision for yourself and for other people. 

Whatever you want to do, make sure you're doing it with a genuine purpose in mind. One that will help someone accomplish a goal, create positive change in their lives, or get them one step closer to where they want to be. 

Give Value (Be Useful)

Finally, as you continue to use your voice understand that value speaks volumes. When you have no value your words are useless and have no impact.  Being useful means giving people something they can use to better themselves and their lives. You stand out more when you give people solutions to their problems. Learn how to solve problems and you will gain a larger, more authentic platform with your voice.

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