How To Block Negativity From Your Life


Negativity can come in all forms: from the people your Facebook feed, your family, that friend who appeared to be helpful or supportive, even your significant other. Even the negativity in the news can cause you to feel discouraged about life. The truth is negativity is apart of life. It’s the opposite of positivity, but when it comes to certain aspects of your life there is no room for negativity.

It is easy to fall to the pressure of negativity and negative people. The constant reminder of someone who either can't stand to see you win and grow in life or that person who complains so much about what they lack that they keep reminding you that you're not better than them. Negativity is contagious and too much of it can divert you and redirect down the path of self-doubt, fear, unworthiness, etc. So today, here are a few ways for you to block that negativity:

1. Evaluate your relationships

Notice that I didn't say any specific relationship. Any relationship whether it's with a relative, sibling, friend, or partner can be negative. Take the time to evaluate the relationships you're in and figure out if they are positive. Whether they contribute to your life and not take away from who you are and what it is you do. Unfortunately, there are people in this world that grow up not having the best relationships with their parents, the people who've brought them into this world. Some relationships take time to mend or heal and progress into something positive. If you notice the relationship you're in consist of a person constantly doubting you, ignores your talents and gifts or fails to be supportive, it's time you cut ties with that person. There is something called loving someone from afar. What that means is you still love the person, but unfortunately, given the relationship, you're unable to be as close as you want with them.

Here's how to evaluate the relationships you're in:

  1. In what ways does this person support me?
  2. How often do I communicate with this person?
  3. When we do speak, what is our conversation generally about?
  4. How often does this person respond negatively to me or about me?
  5. What is my usual response?

2. Filter your social media

This is huge, thanks to how the Internet is permeated within our society. Social media has a way of making anyone question who they really are. Thanks to social media we see people go from average to overnight success. A person can post up a random picture of them sitting at a table, sipping an ice tea and in a matter of a few minutes receive thousands of likes and comments. The problem with social media is that most people using it assume that everything is happening in real time. Social media is a highlight reel and it only shows what people want you to see.

When it comes to using social media, people do so at their own discretion, meaning whatever they feel like commenting on, sharing, liking, is all up to them. That doesn't mean that their behavior can't be reported, but people can technically say and do how they feel. If you seem to notice people leaving negative comments on what you post, take the time to literally block their profile so you will no longer see them on your timeline. Speaking of a timeline and feed, it's best to filter what you see on your timeline. Unfollow people who are negative and post negative things. You'll notice how your timeline can adjust your current mood, especially if it is one filled with positivity.

Here's how you filter your social media profile:

  • Take the time to browse through your feed (for Facebook it's more work since you have to literally go to the person's website and unfriend them)
  • If you feel that what they post or share isn't relevant to you, where you are in life, or where you want to be, unfriend/unfollow them. Easy to say, I know.

It's best to go through your social media profiles a few times throughout the year to filter out unnecessary noise and negativity.

3. Choose your battles

This is something I'm learning to do more and more. It's hard at times because certain people can push my buttons and cause me to become someone different. The real problem is I have to pick my battles. Not everyone needs my time and energy and although it's hard to do, I have to learn how to ignore their negative energy. For you, it might be a co-worker, a relative, a friend, and unfortunately even a partner that can push you to your limit. Be aware of the limit is and figure out ways to divert any attention away from getting to that limit. Whenever someone says something that will tick you off try counting or diverting your attention elsewhere. It'll be brutal at first, but eventually, you'll learn how to tame your energy and use it when it matters most. Next time, whenever someone approaches you with negativity, stop and think whether a response is truly needed.

4. Channel your thoughts and energy

The best way for me to calm down or simply clear my mind is to write. Surprisingly, as a blogger, writing on my blog doesn't help me relieve negative energy. I have to open a new blank document in Google Drive or in my notebook and not having anyone read what I write, but simply get out the thoughts that have clouded my mind and judgment. Channeling your energy takes discipline and time, it doesn't work on the first try but when it does it allows you to remove the negativity from your space including your mind for the time being. Practice channeling your energy at least once a day. You will notice how your negativity will slowly remove from your life.

Below, write down at 3-5 things that you can do to channel your thoughts and energy

5. Do More With Your Time

Lastly, sometimes we simply can't get rid of the everyday negativity especially when it comes to your job or home life, so one way to block out any negativity is to add more fun and interesting activities in your daily - weekly routine. Whenever things get too routine for me or "boring", I figure out how to spice things up, which can be anything from going to the movies, especially if I haven't gone in a while. I may also bring back something interesting that I used to do, like watercolor painting. If you've noticed that your life has succumbed to the negativity find things, different and new things to do with your time and get your mind away from it.