How Make Mondays Your New Fridays

What separates Monday from Friday other than Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? When we really look at Monday, it has 24 hours in it just like Friday, and it's still a work day, just like Friday. So what really separates Monday from Friday? What we think Monday to be.

How To Make Monday Your New Friday

We place so much emphasis on dreading Monday mornings and I get why. Monday mornings remind us that we are either living a lifestyle that we no longer want to live, but are too lazy to change it. Monday mornings remind us that we are still employed at a job that we don't like and can't imagine working there for 30+ years before we can retire. Monday mornings even remind us of all the decisions that we've made that led us to live the life that we do now. Am I right?

But instead of focusing on the bad or dreading what Monday morning brings, here are a few ways that we can change our attitudes and make Monday just as fun as Friday:

1. Switch things up

Instead of waiting until Friday night to order out or go out to eat, make it Monday nights. You might actually find out there are better deals at restaurants or local shops on Mondays. Fridays are typically the days that we order out because it's the weekend and we don't have to work, but who said that Fridays were the only days to celebrate. Along with ordering out or going out to eat, you can also catch a movie or rent one. 

2. Host a game night

I love playing games even more now that I'm an adult. It reminds me that adults can still play games. Recently, my fiance and I hosted a game night with friends. I made tacos, burritos, and chicken fajitas. We played Phase 10 and poker, and just had fun catching up with each other. Game nights can be any night throughout the week, with family or friends. Just make sure your schedules are cleared for having them.

3. Invite family and friends over for dinner

I love having family and friends over for dinner. It make adulting more fun. At any time during the week you can have family or friends over, but Mondays would be perfect because it may actually help ease you into another week. It's nothing like making a meal together with family or friends. 

How do you make Mondays fun?

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