How to Accomplish Your Goals In The Next 6 Months

How To Accomplish Your Goals

We only have 6 months left in 2016. It felt like yesterday that I was celebrating and bringing in the new year. But with it being 6 months left, I am reflecting on my goals: what I've accomplished so far and what I still want to make happen. Right now, I'm in the process of readjusting my yearly goals. I've sat done with my fiance recently and we discussed our goals: personal and as a couple. While we didn't come up with a perfect strategy, we are taking simple steps. Here's how you can accomplish your goals within the next 3-6 months:

Set a goal

Simply stating that you want to lose weight, want to start your business, or want to write your book doesn't work. You need to be specific with your goal. If you want to lose weight, how much? If you want to start a business, what kind of business? If you want to write a book, what kind of book? Along with being specific, you also need to set a deadline, one that is realistic and achievable, and one that can be measured and tracked. Unrealistic deadlines will not yield results, and may make you overwhelmed in completing them. Give yourself reasonable time when setting the goal: 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, etc.

Set tasks

You need to be specific with setting the goal and setting the tasks. What exactly is needed to accomplish the goal. Tasks are the stepping stones to follow so you can reach your goals. These are items that are broken down into smaller tasks and eventually made into a to do list. Let your tasks guide you toward your goal. At no time should you not know what to do if you took the time to map out every step needed to reach your goal.

Set boundaries/limits

Set boundaries that can't be crossed and set limits to the things you do so you have the time and ability to focus on your goals. Set a limit on how much you watch TV. Limit your time on social media so that you can focus on getting things done.

Along with boundaries and limits, you should tell family and friends what you're planning to do. If your goal is to lose weight and eat healthier than make it your mission to reduce temptation from friends, family, and anything that can throw you off track. Be firm in your decision and let others know what it is you want to do so they too know and should help/support you. 

Be okay with the results

Lets be honest, we can have incredible goals and dreams, but don't throw a fit if you're 5 pounds shy of your weight goal. Don't get discouraged if you were only able to write 2 chapters of your desired 5 chapter book. Don't beat yourself up. Be okay with the fact that you were able to accomplish what you have so far. Reward yourself for doing something that you thought you couldn't do. 

What are your life goals?

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