How To Be More Confident In Yourself

How To Feel & Be More Confident About Yourself via Becoming Natasha

In the age of Facebook LIVE, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, & YouTube, it can seem like every girl you see online has this crazy, decent, life doing what they want to do. Before you know it, you've watched every last single YouTube video of Shirley B Eniang and wish that you lived in London, had her accent, and of course her closet and shoe collection. 

Honestly, it's not that she's making you jealous and making you want to the same thing, it's that you haven't found your stride where you can do or feel the same way. A lot of times we focus on what we don't have instead of being able to enjoy who we are, what we've done in our lives so far, what we're good at, etc. We compare ourselves to girls on IG and YouTube and then want to replicate everything that they do, but today I'm sharing with you how you can feel and be more confident about who YOU are and what you have going for yourself.

1. Do More of What Makes You Happy

Instead of making yourself feel small or focus on what other people are doing, do what make you happy and content. Doing things that make you happy, makes you feel good, but it also takes your mind away from comparing yourself to other people and what they do, etc. Figure out what makes you happy and feel good inside.

How will this make you more confident. 

First, you're not focused on comparing yourself to someone else because you're doing things that YOU enjoy. Secondly, when you know what makes you happy you know how to incorporate positivity into your life. Again, you're not focusing on other people or other things that will take away your happiness and content away.

Takeaway: Write down the things that you most enjoy about yourself, about what you do day in and day out, who you love spending time with, etc. Be sure to incorporate those things in your daily life. 

Stop Publicly Complaining About Yourself

Publishing that status or tweet could mean opening the door for people to criticizing you more than you do yourself. I like social media, but like all things it has its bad times. A lot of times you might post up a picture or write a status about what you're going through and before you know it you have a thread of comments of people telling you their opinions, what they think you should do, etc. 

It's nothing wrong with going on social media to let people know your feelings but be mindful that you are giving other people consent to say how they feel. 

Takeway: Instead of sharing what you're personally going through via social media, just keep some things to yourself and deal with it offline. Everybody doesn't need to know what you're going through.

Highlight More Of Your Strengths

This is similar to publicly complaining about yourself. Instead of telling people what you're not good in, what you're having trouble with, show more of what you're good at. One of my Facebook friends is a girl I went to high school with and she posts a lot of her artwork, art shows and her travels to other cities. It's nice seeing her grow in her work and how she's gotten better over the years. 

You should do the same thing. 

Share more of what you're good at vs rant about what you don't have or wish you could do. This plays a part in how you feel about yourself and what consent you give other people to express their opinions about you. The more you share your accomplishments, achievements, strengths, and talents, the more people are going to expect that of you.

Note to Self: Don't worry about getting the most likes, comments, or shares. That should mean absolutely nothing. People like what they want to like, share what they want to share, and comment on what they want to comment on. It has nothing to do with you.


Remove negative people out of your life

Misery loves company, so the more you hang out with people who complain about everything, the more you will do the same. Remove negative people from your life and make new friends with people who are going to help you, encourage and motivate you. There are people in this world who naturally have a negative outlook on life, but you can't let that affect you and your confidence. Surround yourself with people who are going to make you feel good about yourself and not criticize every little thing about you.

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