How To Be More Productive In One Week

How To Be More Productive

I'm all about being productive right now, especially throughout this month since I relaunched an entirely new blog. But, I've have struggled in the past with being productive. I would always start out with the intention to get as much as I can done, but then when it really came down to actually getting things done I realized it was "a lot" of things I had to do, so I didn't do them. If you're going through the same thing, here are things that I've done to help change things around and actually turn my long list of responsibilities into smaller tasks. 

1. To-Do Lists

I started using to-do lists this year but prior to then I would just write down everything that I needed to do within the day. I didn't break it up into what had to be done first or what could be saved for a later day and time. I literally had a long list of "things to do". This didn't help me get things done at all because it gave me an overwhelming feeling about all my "responsibilities". Instead of trying to get things done on my lists, I just sat on the couch, watched TV, and hope that I would eventually get them done.

If you write down a long list of things to do, you're stopping yourself from getting things done just by writing that long list. 

Your to-do list should only have 3-4 things to do. It seems hard to only think about getting 3 things done, but you will only have enough time throughout the day to get at least 3 things done, let alone 7 things. Your to-do list also needs to be prioritized from low-high. High priority meaning you need to get those things done right now. Last but not least, your to-list needs to have a time limit for each thing you want to get done. When you leave it open to get something done, you don't get it done faster, you actually end up dragging it on. But a time limit will put pressure on you. 

2. Prepare the night or day before

The one thing that is wasting your time, is you doing things the day of. Stop it! You waste so much time getting prepared the day of and not only do you waste time, but you have to rush which can throw your day off. Preparing the night or day before means making time to do all that you need to do prior. That means figuring out what you want to wear the next day, what you want to eat the next day, what you have to do first when you wake up or during the day, what you have to do before you go to bed tomorrow night. It may seem like a lot, but preparation is the key to productivity. Preparing the day before will help you get through the next day easier. If you can do this for a week straight, I can guarantee you that you will feel accomplished by the end of the week.

3. Create a routine

Along with preparing, you should create a routine. Routines put you on autopilot so you're not wasting time trying to figure out what to do and how to start/end your day. I broke down what my morning routine is earlier on the blog, but you can create your routine easily. I start my mornings with writing in my journal for at least 10 minutes, but you can start you mornings however, as long as it puts you in a space to accept a new day and want to start the morning. My morning routine is at least 2 hours long, but within those 2 hours I'm making/eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, writing in my journal, and praying. 

How do you get things done in the day/week?

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