How To Be Yourself On & Offline


Being yourself on social media can be challenging, especially when people post themselves at concerts, on exotic and expensive looking trips, or when someone can post a picture of themselves and get hundreds of like in less than 10 minutes. But none of that matters if you meet that person in real life and they live on their parent's couch, have less than 10$ in the bank account, and stages every picture they take and hardly look like the picture they posted on social. I say this to say that it's okay to be your genuine and authentic self on & offline, and here's how:

1. Know the version you want people to see + engage with

This doesn't mean be fake and create a persona online, but to show the version that you want people to remember. If you want to show people that you are a go-getter and proactive in your goals then show that when updating your Facebook profile or status or when you're on Instagram. If you are constantly showing how you're relaxed, not doing much, then people may assume that you're faking about being someone who is making things happen. When you're out in public the same thing applies. When you engage with people be the version of yourself that you want them to remember.

2. Share Your Values

You values speak to your character. If you value honesty then you should talk about the truth and tell the truth. If you value commitment then you show yourself giving up on things. Be the version that you want people to remember you to be. That's how you leave behind a decent legacy, but also attract the people you want to be around. Share your values online when you post Facebook pictures, like, comment, or even share content online.

3. Talk The Way You Do In Both Real Life + Online

The biggest way to tell if someone is being themselves is listening to the way they communicate IRL and online. If you're someone who curses heavy in public, but whenever you're online you share the sweetest updates, you're not being yourself. Vice versa, if you curse as much as you can on social, but when people meet you IRL, you're saying a curse word every other word, you're not being yourself. Talk the way you would in both IRL + online, but online just filter your language some. The way you communicate online should be the way you do so IRL.

4. Make Real Connections

The truth about social media is that it is a highlight reel that only shows you someone's good moments or what they want you to see, but you can still make real connections. The idea of connecting online + offline comes with 1)speaking that way you do, 2) being authentic in your conversations. You don't have to think really hard about what to discuss with someone on social and IRL. Just think about what you might have in common: social media, reality TV, daytime TV, college, jobs, etc.

5. Be Okay With People Not Accepting You

Finally, be okay with people not accepting you for who you are. Everyone will not understand you or find you well enough to befriend you. Don't conform to anyone's standards and norms just to fit in. You are unique and that's what sets you apart from everyone else. People are different for reasons, but within our differences, it what brings forth similarities and genuine relationships.