How To Build Your Brand or Business While Working A 9-5


Being a creativepreneur requires your time, energy and creativity. But how do you manage building your creative brand while also making sure you show up at your 9-5? Below, are 4 steps you can take to help you balance building your brand and also maintaining your status as an employee.

Before I hop into today’s content, I want to let you know that I’m still currently working a 9-5 while also running and operating my brand/business. Most days, I’m exhausted from doing both and other days, I simply can’t even muster up the strength so I do absolutely nothing for my brand. The truth is the process of balancing both will not and should not look pretty.

My personal goal is to replace my 9-5 income with income from my coaching services and products, so that I will have more time to be at home with my children and even have more freedom to do what I please with my schedule.

So in the meantime, I’ll get there by doing these steps that I’m discussing with you today:

Find ways to combine your personal + professional interests

What I currently do for a 9-5 is in no relationship to what I do from 5-9. However, I have found ways to combine my love for branding, creating content, designing with what I do professionally. At my day job, I’ve used the opportunity to facilitate workshops and work 1:1 with coworkers to help build my skill of coaching and consulting. I have personally used my design skills to create flyers or “spice” up documents and excel files. If you’re job doesn’t correlate to what you do as a hustle, find ways to combine the two to make things worthwhile, especially if it’s a job you hate.

Make time for both

As I stated earlier, the process of balancing your brand and your day job will not look pretty, but that’s okay. You should make time for both. The only way to build your brand is to make the time and energy to do it. There are, however, tangible steps that you can take to make space for doing both things:

  1. Create a schedule that includes your hustle - the more you ingrain building your brand into your daily schedule, the more priority you will give it

  2. Have a log of things to do/work on your brand - maximize your time by having to-do lists or tasks to get done while working on your brand

Surround yourself with others who understand you

Unfortunately, your family and friends may not fully understand what you are doing or accomplishing, which is why it’s important to find people or a network that includes people doing something similar or the same as you do. These people will understand what you are going through, how you feel, what challenges you might be facing because they too are experiencing the same things.

Set goals

Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your brand: do you want to eventually leave your day job? Are you simply trying to add to your resume? Do you want to balance both, but just add additional income to what you have coming in from your 9-5 job? Figure out your ultimate goal because it will provide you direction and clarity in what you are building towards.

How do you balance what you do for a living vs what you do creatively or as a side hustle?