How To Create Content On A Consistent Basis Without Burnout

How To Create Content On A Consistent Basis from Becoming Natasha

As a newbie blogger or if you're starting a new blog it can be difficult to create content on a consistent basis, at first. The start of something new causes you to look at other bloggers in your niche and try to emulate or copy what they are doing. I remember starting my first blog and wondering how other bloggers were publishing a brand new blog post Monday - Friday. I tried to do the same thing but ended up burnt out to the max, not to mention that it would take me between 6-8 hours to WRITE one single blog post. Just to write it! I knew I had to figure out another way to write my blog posts and take the stress off creating blog content and that's what I did.

I've tried many things over the last 2 years that I have been blogging, but these 3 things have stuck with me and have since become my process for creating content.

1. Establish A Schedule

I used to be that blogger that had no idea when and what time I would publish a blog post. I even struggled publishing posts on a weekly - monthly basis all because I didn't take the time out to create a schedule. As time consuming as you might think it is, creating a schedule for your blog or business will save you the headache and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I get it, we as bloggers feel connected to our blogs and online spaces, but to keep that connection strong we need to establish some type of schedule or routine. Whether you have been blogging for some time now or you just started you need a schedule in place to help you create the content you want and to reach your audience.

Where and how do you start?

First, start by answering these few questions:

  1. What type of content do I want to create for my audience?

    1. Blog posts, which are a given
    2. Videos
    3. Podcasts
    4. Webinars
    5. Masterclasses
    6. Courses
    7. Emails
    8. Other
  2. How often will I be "putting out" these types of content?

    1. Daily blog posts
    2. Weekly videos, emails, and podcasts
    3. Monthly webinars, masterclasses, courses
    4. Whatever works for you...
  3. Most importantly, how much time can I dedicate on a daily - weekly basis to creating this content?

After answering these questions, now it's time to actually make a schedule.

Get in the habit of scheduling content on a weekly - monthly basis. Content for me includes blog posts, emails, videos, podcasts, and social media marketing/promotion, as well as engaging in Twitter chats (if you want to call that content). What I've learned to do is create an editorial calendar by putting all my content into an excel file. I open up a new excel sheet in Google Drive and create an actual calendar for the month that I want to create content for. After creating the calendar, I insert all the content I want to have ready for publishing, sharing, promoting, etc. Here's an example:

My Editorial Calendar for July

Becoming Natasha Editorial Calendar

My Promotional Calendar for July

Becoming Natasha Promotional Calendar

How do I schedule my content?

I set up certain "topic" days. I publish a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays are for personal posts/personal development; Fridays are blogging/business posts; Wednesdays are a mixture of both, which leaves it open for me to change my calendar whenever I want to. 

To make the blogging process easier I would establish "topic" days, especially if you're a lifestyle blogger. Being a lifestyle blogger you can blog about almost anything, but it can get overwhelming at times when it comes to what you should publish or promote on your blog. 

2. Make Time To Create Your Content

Want to know how your favorite bloggers keep pushing out content so frequently? They make the time to create the content. Experienced bloggers know that they can't write a decent blog post in real time, meaning the day before or the day of to publish it. However, I don't think anyone has the time to create content in real-time and do so consistently. You can't expect to create valuable, shareable, and useful content in real-time and expect to reach an audience that wants to engage in what you created. 

"The only way to create content consistently is to do so ahead of time." 

- Becoming Natasha

In my honest opinion, if you're writing your posts two days before they are to be published, they are not as valuable as they could be. I know from firsthand experience that writing posts the night before or two days before will hurt your blog. I've had readers tell me that what I wrote didn't make sense, it was choppy in structure, they still had questions to ask about the topic, etc. So hear me when I say you need to make time to create good content.

How do you make the time?

I get it, we are busy. You're probably like me and have a day job, you might have children, a spouse/significant other that wants you to spend more time with them, and of course family, but if you can find the time to be on social for hours and browse through Pinterest, make sure you're in front of the TV or on Netflix for your favorite show and etc, then you have the time to create content. 

The secret to doing so is batch processing, producing in bulk. Don't spend an entire day writing one post when you have time to write at least 2. Why edit and take pictures everyday when you can take all your flat lay on one day and share on social throughout the rest of the week. Batch processing is the way to go when it comes to creating content on a consistent basis, and now that you have your editorial calendar in place, you can start deciding the days and times that are best for you to create your content.

With having a day job and planning my wedding, I have to strategically make the most of my days. For me, Tuesdays are when I write all 3 blog posts that I want to share for the upcoming week. I spend 3 hours ( 20 minutes outlining/brainstorming/gathering my ideas, and 40 minutes writing the post) writing all my blog posts in Evernote and that's just writing them. I make the time to edit, proofread, and format them which usually takes 1.5 hours to do, and this is done on Thursdays. Finally, I make the time to create any images, click to tweets, and check to make sure any links work. All of this is done on Sunday, the day that I also schedule my posts to be published here on Squarespace and shared on social media. 

So altogether my "process" for writing, editing, and scheduling a blog post will take three days to do, but 5-6 hours to fully complete.

3. Have a purpose in mind when creating the content

Creating content takes time to do, but it will take even longer when you have no purpose or reason behind creating it. Each and every piece of content that you create should have a goal or purpose. That goal could be to increase your blog's traffic, to convert followers into customers, to get people to sign up for your course, webinar, or masterclass, to have to people subscribe to your email list, regardless of the reason make sure your content has one. 

When it comes to creating content here are 5/6 questions you need to ask yourself

  1. Who needs to read this? Be specific.
  2. What is the purpose of this post, course, webinar, email, etc?
  3. What social media platform (s) will I share/promote this content on? How?
  4. Should I include a content upgrade? If so, what content upgrade should I create to further help my audience?
  5. Does this post relate to my blog's vision? Goals?

Answering these questions will open up to how you create content for your audience and may help you become a better content creator. These 5 questions alone will tell you if what you're creating will actually help your audience, help build trust in your audience, get your audience to see you as an authority figure in your industry or someone that's knowledgeable about the particular topic, and altogether it increases confidence within you and your brand.

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