How To Create Content That Aligns With Your Message


Recently, I discussed 3 types of content you should be creating your business, but today, I want to break down how to actually create content that aligns with your brand message.


I’ve found out from personal experience and through conversation, that most creative struggle with creating content that aligns and is related to what they do and their brand overall.

How come?

The answer is simple, they lack clarity in knowing 3 specific things.

When it comes to creating content, it stems from your brand message. Your message is what you market to your target audience to attract them to your brand, to get them to learn how valuable and useful you can be to them.

Every brand has and markets a message, but the importance is making sure that the message is both clear to your audience and concise in what your audience can and will expect from you.

So the first step in creating content for your blog or business is to clarify the message that you are marketing.

When it comes to clarifying and crafting your brand message, you have to know 3 things:

Know Who You Are

Your story plays a vital role in how you market yourself and what it is you do. Your story, tells the story of your journey, where you’ve come from, how you’ve gotten to where you are now, and why you find the creative work that you do important.

When you do not have a true understanding or knowledge of your own story, it’s hard to persuade someone as to why should follow your brand, trust you enough to hire you or buy from you, or simply engage with you, period.

Storytelling is how you build a connection with your audience. Before you can sell anything to people, you must connect with them. Stories are what help you sell, solve, and serve. Tell a story, your story and you’ll be able to create content for your brand.

Know What You Do

If you’re unsure on what it is you do actually do as a creative, schedule a clarity call, here. Knowing what you do will help you set yourself apart from others doing similar work. Getting clear on what you do involves figuring out what value you can provide someone. What can you teach people, show people, ultimately do for people? When you’re clear on this, the content that you create will serve as a communication channel, communicating this “value” to your audience.

Know Who You Serve

Your blog or business was designed and created to serve. You are serving people with your creative skill set and talent. You are serving people through the products and services that you provide. Knowing who you serve means knowing the problem that you are solving. Think about your brand and what it is you claim to do. What problem are you ultimately solving? Who needs the solution that you are providing?



If you’re struggling to create content that actually aligns with your brand or message, download the free Impact and Influence worksheets. These worksheets provide you the core steps to take to make your impact through your creative blog or business, in just 3 steps, including crafting your brand message.