How To Feel Motivated Enough To Accomplish Your Goals

Motivated To Accomplish Goals

When it comes to making goals it's not the planning that makes us stuck, it's the fact that we are overwhelmed by how much we actually have to do to get where we want to be. Think about it: you create your "business" plan or write down ideas of what you want to do and where you think you see yourself going, but that's all you do.

The rest of your time is taken up by your thoughts and how much you will need to do to make those things happen. You think about all the money you will have to save, how much time you will actually need to spend working towards your goal(s), who you will need help and support from, etc. 

It's obvious that in order for us to get where we want to be we have to not only plan out how we will get there but actually take the steps to get there. No thing and no one can do it for us. This fact alone will cause us to just sit still on our dreams. It will cause us to go day in and day out daydreaming about the life we want instead of paving the way to get there.

But today, I will share with you a few ways that can help motivate you enough to actually "take" the steps to get where you want to be.

1. Remember: macro goals needs micro steps

Lately, I've been doing my best to follow up on Lisa Nichols, the motivational speaker, author, and founder of Motivating the Masses. Ever since I saw her viral interview on the Steve Harvey show, I love how authentic she is about success, and overcoming challenges and obstacles in life. Recently, I heard a podcast episode that was uploaded to YouTube where she was being interviewed and asked about what it takes to become an entrepreneur and I love how she broke down her response. 

She said "macro goals need micro steps".

It was so simple, what she said, but it meant so much. We create these huge goals and instead of breaking them down, we try to tackle them as a whole.

If you're dream is to own your own boutique then you need to figure out what the first small is that you need to take. Owning your own business doesn't mean making money at first thought. A lot more goes into making your first dollar. 

2. Create a vision board

Something I will do for 2017 is create a vision board of all the things that I want to accomplish during that year and beyond. A vision board is literally a mental reminder of where you are and where you really want to be. This reminder is what plays in your head and helps you make the necessary decisions to ultimately get there.

You don't even have to create this huge, wall mounting board, you can simply go to Pinterest and create a secret board of all the things you want your life to be. I suggest going to that board each and every time you start to second guess yourself or start to believe that you can't be great. 

3. Set milestones & create rewards

To make accomplishing your goals fun, create mini challenges for yourself and if you reach it or get anywhere close to it, reward yourself. Start conditioning yourself to taking the necessary steps and rewarding yourself for doing so. But don't go overboard with rewarding yourself for what you are supposed to be doing. 

4. Make sure your goals are realistic

There are so many goals that you can make in your life, but make sure the goals are realistic. We want major things to happen in our lives, but at the end of the day we have to be realistic about them. If you had a goal to save $500 in 2 weeks, but you only get paid once from your job within those 2 weeks, I doubt you could save that $500. Being realistic about your goals means giving yourself enough time to actually accomplish them.

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