How To Finally Get Serious About Your Goals


Raise your hand if you have plans to do major things, but you just can’t seem to actually create goals and stick with them. I’m guilty of this too. In fact, most times I have ideas of things I want to do, but I never really go through with them and for many reasons. One, I get overwhelmed by my goals. They scare me and I sometimes question whether I am able to accomplish them. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Your goals are waiting for you to accomplish them and today can be the start of a new 365 days of you making them happen. If you’re ready to finally get serious about your goals, here are 3 things you need to do:

Set the target

A goal is an endpoint, not the act itself, not a random idea, and it’s definitely not the starting point. If your goal is to start an online business within the next 6-12 months, your starting point isn’t “starting” the business. Your goal is the end result that you’re looking for, so why would it be a starting point. To set a goal OR target, be specific with the result that you want to achieve. If it’s a business, what kind of business do you want to start? Who is the business for aka who will be your customers? Is there something you need to learn about starting a business? When you’re setting your goals, specificity goes a long way.

Make the goal relevant

Relevancy is just as important as being specific. Most of us set random goals that have no real importance or relevance to where we are in life at the moment. When you’re setting your goal, take the time to ask yourself is this something you need to be focusing on at this moment in your life. If so, dig even deeper and figure out what the ROI (return on investment) would be if you accomplish the goal. Will it help you discover something new about yourself? Will you learn a new skill/technique/knowledge? Will it ultimately help you move forward in life?

Break the goal down

A goal that is reachable is easy to be accessed in smaller steps and tasks. A huge problem that most of us go through when it comes to our goals is that we don’t take the time to actually break them down. In fact, we try to tackle an entire goal at once. This will cause overwhelm and the goal never gets accomplished.

If you’re serious about reaching your goals, you will break them down into small tasks to be completed. For instance, if you want to save $1,000+ in 4 months, break down how much money you’ll need to save for each month. Be more specific about how much you need to save each week of every month. The more specific you are on your action plan the more attainable your goals become.