3 Ways to Finally Get Things Done, No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

3 Ways To Get Things Done No Matter What

I get it! Being an adult and having responsibilities is hard, especially working a 9-5 job and trying to establish your side hustle aka your future business. Trust me when I say, it's hard, it's difficult, and with me having a fiance aka my damn near husband and planning for our wedding, I really need to know how to get things done with the time that I have. But just because it's hard doesn't mean that it's impossible to do. I'm talking about making the time to do what you have to do. You may not be in a relationship, but you may have family that calls you up during the worst times and ask for favors or friends who need you to be there for their event or show. Between being there for them, you also have to work and find "me" time. So, knowing what you're going through today I'm giving you 3 ways to make responsibilities easier. This doesn't mean that things will automatically change, but they will help to ease things:

1. Prioritize your days

Being an adult means you can no longer sit around all day and watch TV because bills have to be paid, food needs be in the fridge, etc. However, most of the time we find ourselves doing what we want to do because what we have to do requires more energy. But, the more you keep holding off what you have to do, the more you will be forced to do it. 

This is why prioritizing your days is so important, even prioritizing your week. If you want to relax on the weekends or have more time then do the hardest tasks or to-dos earlier in the week. Why waste all week and wait until the last minute to do what you should have done earlier?

Prioritizing your days starts by writing down all that you need to get done during the day. Include everything from washing clothes, to cooking dinner or going out to eat or ordering out, to dropping off something in the mailbox, to going to work, etc. Next, you should go through the list and break up the to-dos into what needs to get done first before anything else and then what comes next. If you can manage to get things done by the days, I can guarantee you that you will feel productive by the end of the week. 

2. Limit your to-do list to only 3 things

Similar to prioritizing you day you need to only get 3 important things done. Only 3. I use to think that I was productive by writing down a long list of things to do and scratching things off as I went on about my day. When I look back, I only managed to get 3 things done out of 10. I even realized it would take me a good week to get everything on my long list done. The same list that I pressured myself into completing in one day.

To-do lists are only screenshots of your entire day. They don't tell you that traffic will be backed up on your way to work, that the car will run out of gas, that your neighbors will be noisy and interrupting your day with their b/s, that your Mom will call you and need you to come over to help her with something. In reality, we should only try to get done at least 3 things. Not 5, 7, and definitely not 10 things. 

Take the pressure off yourself and create a shorter to-do list. It will actually make you more productive and help with time management. And if you haven't started creating daily to-do lists you really, like really, need to, if you want to be good at this thing called adulting. I can't tell you how much control I now have over my days; I'm not saying that things wont come up, but I've been more responsible and strategic with the time that I do have because I created a smaller list of things to-do. 

3. Block off time throughout the day

The problem that we have with getting things done is not giving ourselves a timeframe: start time & end time. If you think just writing what you have to get done and putting it into a list is all you have to do, I'm sorry I mislead you on in this post. In order to capitalize on getting this done you have to make the time to do so and not just a start time but an end time to getting it done.

Blocking off your to-dos help you figure out where your time is being spent and can help you find those times during your day that you can dedicate to yourself. I recently woke up at 5:30 in the morning, not because I wanted to, but because that is the only time during the day that I have to myself. I usually have my alarm set to wake up at 6, but I noticed I needed more time in the morning to prepare for the day. I spend this time uninterrupted by my fiance, to do writing in my journal, reading a book, praying, even writing blog posts.

Figure out how long it will take you to get your to-do list complete and be realistic with the timeframe. If one of your to-dos is to write a blog post but you know you just got off of work at 3 in the afternoon, spend 4-5:30 writing out the post. If you have to go to work by 4 in the afternoon, but you really want to start brainstorming and planning out things for your business then spend time in the morning, 8-10AM doing so. Make the time, get it done.

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