How To Find Your Voice As A Content Creator


Stay online long enough and you’ll find that other people may be marketing themselves similar to you. They may be using the same language, may have the same tone, etc. And all of this can cause you to lose your voice as a creative.

So, I’m offering you 3 ways to find your voice and set yourself apart from others as a content creator.

Before I hop into today’s content, let me say, it’s a common struggle for new creatives and even veterans to stand apart. With so much noise online, it’s easy for you to fuse your story with others. Not to mention, imposter syndrome that can cause you rethink your ability to show up and make your mark.

And what’s also unfortunate is that with so much information on the internet that talks about what you should be doing, focusing on, creating, etc, you’ll end up running your blog or business not the way you want to.

Finding your voice as an online creator comes down to 3 things:

Know your values and your value

When it comes to finding your voice, you have to think about what you are passionate about and the things that you find important. With a strong understanding on yourself, it’s hard to voice who you are and what it is you want people to know you for. Think about what your strengths are and what you have found success in that you can teach or show someone else.

Clarity your message and audience

The effectiveness of your voice comes down to how you market your message and who you’re marketing to. Again, it’s easy to get caught up in the noise of the internet, so you have to be intentional in your message. Get clear on what makes you, YOU. And be sure to find the group of people that you can best serve. You want to think about the legacy you want to leave behind and the image you want to build of yourself.

Practice using your voice

As you show up in different spaces, think about the words you use, the tone you use, and how you ultimately communicate with your audience. What do you discuss? What topics do you not discuss? What words do you use and not use? How you use your voice helps define your image and who you are.