Why You Haven't Gone After Your Goals & How To Change That

Why You Haven't Gone After Your Goals

It's already February and if you created resolutions in January, I'm pretty sure that you haven't made an attempt to accomplish them. In fact, you're probably thinking you'll restart this year, this month, and start working on your goals. But you're also probably thinking that you have a whole year to get done what you really want this year. 

First off, let me tell you that you don't have 365 days to go after what you want. You'll end up spending another year wasting time on planning and more planning, instead of doing. I turned 25 years old this past December and one thing that I realized is that I don't have to wait to go after my biggest goals in life. I have the opportunity and the time to do it now. So today I want to help you get over four obstacles that I'm sure are the reasons why you haven't gone after what you want.

1. You keep asking for permission

How many times have you've stopped going after something you really wanted because your parents, significant other, or friend told you to? When it comes down to your dreams and goals, do not ask for permission to go after them. I get it that it may be scary or it might be a risk: financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc, but the more you wait to go after the life you want, the more it becomes impossible to reach. The time that you have now to do what you want, may not be there in a year, 3 years, or even 5 years.

What's even more important is that waiting for other's approval will never help you. Your dreams do not exist for the sake of getting others approval. Your dreams are yours and you can only be satisfied by them. There were so many times that my fiance and I have disagreed about the time that I've spent blogging and writing, and simply being online building up my brand. Even today, we still have our talks and discussions about what I do online. At the end of the day, I'm not seeking his approval to do what I do, but I am looking for his understanding.

As long as the people who support you understand that what you do is important to you, that's all that matters. People will respect you and your dreams when you show them how important your dreams are. When you consistently wake up 6 in the morning to work on your business plan, write, or blog; when you use your weekends to research what you want to do, and especially if you invest money in yourself, you're showing people how important your goals are. 

2. You're not clear on what you want

Clarity is the most important thing when it comes to your goals. What target are you trying to reach? What exactly do you want to accomplish? What result are you looking for? These are questions that you need to ask yourself to find clarity about what you want. Yes, you are going after your goals, but why? What makes your goals so important to you at this moment in your life?

Dig deep and really figure out what it is that you are going after. The more specific and clear you are, you have a better direction of where you need to go. Clarity equates to direction.

3. You're focusing on the bad

Focusing on the bad will cause you to fail before you even make the first step. I always thought that success meant how many years you've been doing something, but success actually starts with your mindset. 

Our minds are trained or conditioned to doing the thinking for us, obviously. So, when it comes to taking risks our mind tells us to "watch out", "stop", "don't do this". But that's not how you're going to accomplish your goals. If you think "safe" for everything you really want you'll never get it. 

We risk things everyday: you might risk your peace and happiness having to get up and go to a job you don't like, working next to co-workers you can't stand. You might be risking living your best life right now waiting for someone's approval to go after your dreams. Focus on what good is going to come from going after what you want. You've obviously experienced the "bad" already.

4. You haven't incorporated your goals into your life

Your goals are not separate from your everyday life. What you do vs what you really want to do overlap. You may go to work in the daytime but at night you're working on your personal goals. 

Learn how to incorporate your goals into your life and break away from the eat, sleep, and work cycle. You DO have time to work on what you really want to do, you just need to figure out where your time is being spent throughout your day and week. Eventually you'll create a schedule where you are finding time to pay the bills and work on your personal goals.

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