How To Set Yourself Apart From Others On The Internet


It wasn’t that long ago that I was going through burnout. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and drained of having to maintain my blog and still stay sane in my everyday life. I was spending hours upon hours of writing blog posts and emails, and attempting to record videos and podcasts.

I was also spending just as much time reading up on how to grow a blog, build your brand, monetize online, and “create or live” the life you want. I couldn’t keep up with all the information, the lack of planning and structure that I had in “business” was causing me to give up on everything. I was doing the most and at the same time doing so little. I knew I had to change things around.

I ran into the problem that most people have regardless if they are online or not. It’s the comparison game. The fact that someone else could be either the same age as you, have a degree similar to yours, and yet they seem to be further ahead in life and their actual business than you. The comparison game is played by everyone who. We all compare ourselves to other people and we often do so. We see what's the trend and we automatically assume we have to do the same exact thing. Not only that but if someone is experiencing success doing a particular thing, it makes you want to replicate that success.

Again, we all go through this and it doesn’t mean that who we are and what we do sucks, it means that we have to create better self-awareness.

How do you do that? Get off the internet.

Before you can start making your impact and building your personal brand via the internet, you have to get to know who you are outside of the social media reel. Social media has played a huge role in depicting people’s stories and although it’s a great platform for leveraging what it is you do, you can’t fully get to the next levels in your life and journey without truly knowing who you are.

I learned this lesson by enrolling in a 5-week personal development course called, “Grow To Know Yourself”. It was free and through a local non-profit organization. For 5-weeks the course talked about identifying your values and priorities. It helped me figure out what my ultimate goals were and what my life vision is. It helped me become more interested in what I was doing online as a blogger and I decided to keep going. That was back in 2016, the same year that I launched Becoming Natasha.

I wouldn’t change how Becoming Natasha came about, but I will say that because of that course, I feel more confident in who I am and am able to tell my story and set myself apart from others on the internet.

If you really want to set yourself apart from others on the internet, I suggest getting to know yourself (who you are and what you have to offer). Knowing yourself helps you better promote and market your value. Figure out what you’re good at and market the hell out of it. Get to know your strengths and your weaknesses. Get clear on how you can use your strength to help other people.

I found out that most people I come in contact with are interested in turning their idea into something more. They are interested in starting a business, getting online via blog or YouTube page, and they are also interested in building their personal brand and getting noticed. These are all things I am progressing in and I decided to help those starting out get clear on their message and what they want to do online.

Knowing your value and how you can be useful helps you set yourself apart. Even if people are doing the same thing as you, it’s nothing compared to what you have to offer. Everyone offers something a little bit different. There are thousands of online coaches, but none of them are me and can tell my story.

You might think the online market is saturated with people doing the same exact thing, but that’s not true. Everyone offers something different based on what they are good at. Not every YouTube beauty vlogger is the same. Not every blogger is the same. Everyone has their own experience to share and they use their story to set themselves apart online.

If you’re really having a hard time setting yourself apart and telling your story, start by getting clear on your message: ie., I’m Natasha, a personal life coaching helping women overcome self-doubt and fear by getting clear on their message and the impact they want to make online.

So who are you? What do you do? Who do you do it for?

The next step is getting clear on your value and know what you have to offer. People don’t always follow just to follow and in today’s world online is coming down to pay-for-play and having high engagement. If you want people to like, comment, and share your content, it needs to have value to it and you need to focus creating high engagement, not following. Whether you’re a beauty/hair vlogger, lifestyle blogger, online business owner, what you post needs to have value and needs to be useful.

Given my message, I create actionable blog posts, create podcast episodes, and workshops and free downloads (worksheets and guides) to help my audience gain clarity and put to use what they learn so they can make their biggest impact.

What do you offer and for whom? Do you post relevant and useful content? Is it the right content for your audience?

Finally, to set yourself apart from other people on the internet find your core audience. What is your core audience? It's the people who want to engage in what you have to offer and find you the be the most useful to them. Don’t get caught up in wanting everyone to like what you do. When you try to attract everyone, you’re attracting no one.

Narrow down to the group of people who need to hear your story. When you’re starting out online, you might get caught up in trying to build a large following on social media, that’s not the right direction to take. A large social media following means absolutely nothing if what you post and share has no value to it.