How To Start A Journal In Your 20s

How To Start A Journal

I started practicing writing on somewhat daily basis when I was in high school and after going through my first "real" relationship, I found writing to be the outlet to get my thoughts off my chest. 

But when I picked up journaling on a more serious note as a 20-something adult, it became a lot different and meant a lot more than just writing down how I didn't like my parents' rules or no longer wanted to be friends with certain people anymore. Now as an adult, writing daily-weekly is becoming important for me because it helps me deal with the everyday demands and issues that I face as an adult. The biggest issue that I do face, that most 20-somethings do too as well, is finding identity. 

Identity is a huge issue that 20-somethings face because we're starting life without living under the demands of our parents and we're now responsible for ourselves and well-being. Not only are our responsibilities getting bigger, but we're faced with a million questions: who am I?; what do I want to do with the rest of my life?; who do I want in my life?; etc. 

This is why journaling plays a huge role in your 20s

1. You build a personal relationship with yourself

In order for you to find clarity and direction in your life you need to get personal with who you are; what that looks like is getting down to the biggest issues that trip you up on a daily basis or how you keep coming back to the thoughts that make your rethink/regret a lot of what you've done so far in your life. And your journal allows you get clear on who you are without having people judge you. Your journal helps you: 

  1. Become your own best friend 
  2. Get rid of what's stressing you out
  3. Clear your mind

2. You reflect a different character of yourself

I noticed that the more I wrote down my thoughts, my character seemed to change in a good way:

  1. I learned ways to deal with the daily BS that I experience
  2. I found how to mentally separate myself from certain environments
  3. I became more headstrong in what I wanted and what I didn't want in my life (I'm still distinguishing between the two)
  4. My entire character seem to be a lot more confident and sure

3. You began to adjust your mindset

Overall, your journal is your way to help you adjust your mindset and approach on life period. Instead of waiting for the end of the year to reflect on what you didn't do, you can spend 365 days doing so in your journal, reflecting on your life as it happens and finding ways to help deal with what happens to you.

Remember, life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond

How do you start journaling and doing so on daily basis?

1. Understand that you don't need to write down the perfect version on yourself because journaling allows you to be your real-self

2.Find the best time during the day and stick with it as best as you can

It's easy to start something strong, especially in the beginning on of the year and then fall off, but it comes to down to intent and being consistent. Ask yourself, what's the best time during the day in which my mind is open and free of clutter from my job/family/friends?

3. Practice spending that "open" time to getting your thoughts out on paper and stop hoarding your issues in your head

What should you write about?

Here are some prompts to get you started on your journal

  1. What would I accomplish if I wasn't afraid of failing?
  2. What goals do I have set for myself this year and why those goals?
  3. Today, I will stop/quit/accept/learn/etc _____?
  4. My biggest hold up on my dreams is __ because ___
  5. My word of the day is ____
  6. This week, I want to focus on __
  7. My biggest fear in life is ____
  8. I'm a lot different than who I was 1 year ago because _____
  9. Who do I have around me that is helping me move forward in my life? How?
  10. What have I learned about life so far now that I am ___ yrs old?
  11. What do I love/hate about I do in my life right now?
  12. Where do I see myself in the next yr, 3 yrs, & 5 yrs?

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